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behind the camera and dreaming

Sunday, October 4, 2009

my first post.
i want to introduce myself here and share my passions with the world...or whomever may come across this...
my name is stephanie. i am 26 years old. married. one dog. one camera. one guitar. a job as a social worker. a passion. and many dreams.
the title of my blog.
inspired by music, creative to a fault, but no sense of real accomplishment at this point in my life. yes i have what most people want a stable, semi-fulfilling job, a loving husband, shelter, plenty to eat, education, friends, and a wonderful family, but who's to say this fulfills all of my dreams. i am a dreamer. just not so much a doer...but...i am trying. the title, "behind the camera and dreaming" describes my life through an inspiring yet depressing work of genius by one of my favorite people. dave matthews says it all in "ants marching". this is the anthum of so many lives of so many people. we are afraid to take chances and just keep on putting our dreams in a box. i don't want to "up and die" without feeling passionate everyday. so here i am sharing myself with the world. i hope to share experiences through photos (of mine), music (of others), written word (of mine and others), travel, fashion, media, good food, and just creative life in general.

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