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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't you hate it when you've been in your car and the sun is shining and you're all warm and cozy, not even wearing a coat...then you have to get out? You open then door and January seeps into your skin and all the way to your bones. I know 48 degrees is really nothing to complain about, but once Christmas passes I just want MAY! However, keeping with the premise of my blog I WILL NOT WASTE these winter and early spring months feeling pitiful as I did last year! I need reminders of this daily.

We visited Nashville on the 16th for a Wesley’s company party. The party was really fun and we got to see a friend we haven't seen in a while. So all in all it was a good trip, BUT RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! I really like my new DKNY coat I got on sale at MACY'S (picture below) but I would gladly send it to the back of my closet for some flip flops and a maxi dress! See REMINDERS NEEDED!

On Sunday, we ate at Demo's where our friend Aaron is a manager. It was different and really good. They have great prices and plenty of seating for those of you visiting downtown Nashville. After lunch I wanted to DO something before we left town so, we visited Centennial Park (I’m not sure of the official name). It was built in reverence to all American History (the way the history books tell it anyway- to Wesley’s annoyance). I found it striking though that the place we stopped to get out was right in front of the wall commemorating the Civil Rights movement and Dr. King-the day before his celebrated birthday. As an aside, I was off the next day and fully intended on going down to the museum since its only a block from my house mainly just to see all the people, but I didn’t and I’m kind of disappointed in myself (I did clean though).

Anywho, the BDT guys did not disappoint this year. BB Kings was awesome. Free drinks. Free food. Good music. Fun! Fun! I have to say though my favorite part…cheesy local wrestling right next door at Buffalo Billiards! That will be a funny story to tell for a while.

Wesley definitely got his groove one. This is Tony...apparently dipping my husband.

and last but not least...the wrestler in the bar takin' care of business..dressed accordingly...

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