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in full spring!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

AHHH! This morning on Cosmo Radio Wake Up's Kenny discussed seeing a girl in sweatpants and Louboutins in the Hertz building yesterday. Now, these sweatpants aren't just Hanes brand Wal-Mart sweats, but they very well could be after doing the Google Image search I did today. I've seen the trend in clips of celebs and spring trends in a couple of magazines over the past few months, but I didn't think it would actually hit the streets. Granted, the mention was one of the largest magazine publisher's cafeteria, but still HE NOTICED and I'm not sure I understand. I love Michael Kors- he makes beautiful clothing and it usually fits me pretty well- however he feels that he can charge $1000 dollars for these "high end" sweatpants. I will admit, after further research there is a RIGHT way to do this and look chic, but all my friend Mr. Kors {along with his colleagues} is doing is encouraging girls across America to now wear those hideous "PINK" or "JUICY" tagged lounge pants to places besides class and bed AND now they will put on their stilettos and call it trendy...

here are a few shots of what I think are these "sweatpants" done fairly well. The top left are Michael Kors'.

for Gleeks only-
This trend {and a comment from blog frog friend Sugar} leaves me thinking "WWMD?"
Would Madonna rock this trend? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. There is talk of a second Madonna episode of Glee..will Madge herself make an appearance? In the meantime..I will watch this weeks over and over until Wesley unplugs the already broken Replay. ;)

on a more personal note-
I am sitting in my car on my lunch break today drinking a frozen Perrier Pink Grapefruit SWEATING! and I love it! It's really only about 75 degrees here right now, but so happy it makes me! There are amazing things happening. More new babies! Yay-Brayden is finally here. {Congrats to Kim and Alex again} I cannot wait to take his picture and pinch his cheeks. :) Saturday morning {too early}we leave for DC to see family and new baby Laurel! It's suppose to rain while we are there so, I bought some play things for the boys (will Lacey kill me for adding to the things that have to be cleaned up?)

Tonight I will do laundry and edit Sister Maggie's Mommy Pictures {Connor's Belly}...i promise.
and BTW you can now link to my blog without the 'blogspot' it's just - thanks boo!

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