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takle a nagging task. . .

Friday, June 11, 2010

So, in the spirit of My {sorta kinda} Happiness Project, I decided to take from the wisdom of another...that being Gretchen Rubin herself. Following is a list of NAGGING tasks that fill the forefront of my brain these days.

• Take my Clinical exam {that I've been working on since June 2007 & applied for in Jan}      THIS month

• Purchase the new camera I've been wanting for about a year {make it happen}

• Buy plane tickets to Denver

• Plan trips to Pearl and Starkville

• Clean out my closet

• Don't make lists of everything that needs to be done JUST DO IT!

• There are many more but this months list will end here...

In this strength of mind, I HAVE purchased a new camera *check*, sort of cleaned out my closet *half check*, booked my plane tickets to meet my nephew *check* and registered for my test {JUNE 15th. . . am I CRAZY?!?}. It’s this Tuesday by the way. . . and I am ill prepared. I need prayers and good thoughts galore! (If you’re going to pray please use the specific word “miracle” when speaking to God.) I’m not giving that one a *check* yet because just look at these statistics from '08:

Exam     Total number of candidates    Pass rate

Associate                                    145         68.3%

Bachelors                                   3,719         77.3%

Masters                                     9,763         74.0%

Advanced Generalist                 180          58.3%

Clinical                                      8,087           75.9%

Okay so 75.9% is a decent pass rate, but many people on blogs and other study sites don’t pass until their 3rd, 4th or 5th time!

I am thinking positive because my statics are good. I was one of those 74% who passed the Masters Level exam…the 1st time. So, I’m using the same testing center, same company for study materials, and I’d wear the same clothes if I could remember what I wore in October of 2007 (?). If I don't pass this time, I will try again in 90 days {and I'll be taking donations for the fees! You'll probably see or hear me refer to "last time I took it" as a "practice" to make myself feel better.  

Additionally, I will consoling myself with this:

which should probably get here sometime next week.

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