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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i did it myself..sort of
mom helped with the ruffle..
well actually she made it herself - all by herself.
i thought it was cute!
she made two
so. i sewed this one to a pillow cover i found at the west elm outlet for...
{drum roll please}
i'm still working on my pillow arrangement.
not that i make my bed everyday.
{have you met me?}

the next thing i did was a small project
 i've been wanting to do for about 11154682 years.
or since my husband brought this monstrosity home.
he removed the {not to be mentioned} beverage logo from the front.
and i added this "etched lace light effects" window film.

much better!

i also finally framed this poster.
i'm not a big fan of the black 'matte' but i AM a huge fan of the poster!
our neighbors and friends right here in tennessee are still recovering from a massive flood

'Love Your Neighbor' was designed by Ty Mattson @ Mattson Creative
to benefit Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
i bought it from


  1. Love the lamp. Love the RB fridge. Love it all! What fabric to you use for the rosettes? Is it muslin? Thinking about making some for baby shoes, but not sure how that fabric holds up.

  2. It's actually the upholstery fabric I used for my headboard {that needs to be re-stuffed - another project} It came from HobLob last fall.

  3. oh yeah...I think you told me that before!


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