The Wilde Olive Blog: the end of summer ALSO means...


the end of summer ALSO means...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

college football anyone?


  1. Dare I say..... "Go Gators"!!!! :) Just being funny, don't hold it against me.

  2. The dog is so cool! It looks exactly the same as my neighbours'...maybe more friendly :D

  3. I found your blog through the BlogFrog discussion. I look forward to reading! Small world, I'm from Memphis :) (currently live in Nashville)

  4. Ummm, HELLO! How have I not found you before now! A MSU fan? A photographer? A wonderfully beautiful blog? A women after my own heart. ;-) I too am a MSU fan and a photographer. Nice to "meet" you. :)
    XO, cat (

  5. Hey! Boppin over from yhe mew friend discussiom post on blog frog.
    I'm your newest fan! Can't wait for some quiet to look through your older posts. Aren't new nloggy friends so mich fun?!

  6. Okay I obviously stink at typing on my phone :)

  7. So YAY! for fellow SEC fans - now I know I CAN speak of sports to a blog mostly read by women. . . this makes me happy!
    Candice - I checked out your blog & I am also a Vol (technically I got my MSSW at UT BUT will always claim my true colors of Maroon & White)
    and Cat- I think you and I were destined to "meet". Just checked out your blog(s)... there is no way there's more than 6 degrees of seperation here...
    and the world gets smaller!

  8. My husband went to State! Go Dawgs!

    I, myself, am a Longhorn through and through...

  9. I have to say...ROLLLLL TIDE!! We have family & friends that are state grads though (one living in Memphis). Found you through BlogFrog. Look forward to your posts.

  10. Former Memphian....wondering if the title of your blog has anything to do with The Dave Matthews Band? Look forward to visiting.

  11. Yea Tiffany- if you can pick out a single line from DMB- we are friends! I explain in my 1st post if you want to go back and read!?

  12. I found you through blogfrog and being from Oklahoma, I just have to say, "Go Sooners"!!!
    We do share something though, Photography. I love taking pictures and just started some classes. Looking foward to following you.

  13. Yes, please! Lol...paying it forward from BlogFrog. Love your blog and can't wait to do some more reading! :-)



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