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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It happens every year. I get a year older, as do we all!
December 1, 1982 my wonderful parents were blessed with a little treasure, ME.
I've decided that since I'm super stressed out this year that I'm going to use my birthday as a time to celebrate, self examine, and decide who I want to be for the next year. 

As we get older (not that I'm calling myself old) we begin to look down on our birthdays and wish we didn't have to turn another year older. We realize another year has passed and ask "where did the time go?" As a kid, we celebrated and couldn't wait to have a party. So a party it is! A private party! Me, my Christmas decorations, Vietnamese food, a bottle of wine, and maybe I'll let Wesley join in on the fun! MAYBE...

 My family still tries to do something special for each birthday every year and this ALWAYS includes presents! YAY! because really...who doesn't love to GET STUFF!? I have so much to share from my long Thanksgiving weekend (during which we pretty much circled the state of Mississippi) but right now I'm going to leave you with a couple of pictures of ME, a gift Sister Andrea gave me on our family outing to the teppanyaki Friday night, and a beautiful sunset from Sunday! The headband is by Molly Gee Designs.

I edited these using only Lightroom 3. Color Creative Color CP2. Denoised. Rounded Edges.

a toddler molly gee design on miss emma

and i'll just leave you with this...
Have a great Wednesday Day Everyone!


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