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63,072,000 seconds

Monday, November 8, 2010

it's been 2 years
24 months
730 days
17,520 hours
1,051,200 minutes

63,072,000 seconds

since that moment above that I cherish so much.

I've had the RENT song in my head all day since I started thinking about the time that's passed. So I became obsessed and calculated it again from the date of our first "unofficial" date..because I can't remember the date of the official first date *shoulder shrug*. 
6 years & 105 days
2296 days total
55,104 hours
3,306,240 minutes
198,374,400 seconds

New Year's Eve '04/'05

I know this is stupid and boring but we have been through a lot together. Personal successes and great losses. Great times and really hard times. Working together and then living apart. Wedding planning. career changing. puppy raising. 6, 888 meals. 2296 sun rises and sun sets. 12 Birthdays. 6 Thanksgivings. 6 Christmases. 6 Valentines Days and Easters. 2 graduations. 7 moves. 8 new jobs/promotions.

And the best thing is this doesn't even touch the surface of what comes next.  
I promise no more sappy, happy, lovey dovy post!

All wedding photos are by HBB Photography

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