The Wilde Olive Blog: I {heart} Daylight Savings Time


I {heart} Daylight Savings Time

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Please don't go daylight hours.
I will miss you so much!
I drive 1 hour to work in the morning
and 1 hour home in the evening.
So. "Falling Back" means
bright sun GLARING bright and early
and DARKNESS before I even get into the car in the evening.
Driving on a highway (and I use the term loosely) in the middle of the delta
means an abundance of road kill. 
this is no fun in the dark!
Also, for the past month or so
the SUNSETS have been amazing and I watch it to my left or in my rear view mirrors all the way home.
and take pictures of it with my iPhone.

Here are some beautiful early Fall sunsets from a few weeks ago.
These were taken at the end of our street looking over into Arkansas.
Below is Tom Lee Park & Riverside Drive.
Also taken with iPhone.


  1. I love the shots with your iphone. I'm actually looking forward to fall back because I can't seem to wake up right now. I need the morning to wake me up. Of course, I am going to miss long days.

  2. I can certainly see why you'll dislike the daylight savings

  3. I grew up in Edmonton and in the winter I'd go to school in the dark and come home in the dark. Then in the summer it stayed light until 11:00 at night!


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