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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I decided {for this week at least} I'm going to join the ladies over at Harper's Happenings for Steppin' Out Saturday! I don't love this picture of myself {it's kind of cheesy and my face looks puffy} but I had fun playing with it in PS. I went out shopping yesterday to pick out a few gifts and well a few things for myself - on sale of course! I love shopping for kiddos, but I have to say shopping for boys kinda stinks {fingers crossed we'll have girls! haha}

I have to say one thing about my sweater - I posted a picture of it from the Anthro Fall Look Book and the price was simply OUTRAGOUS, but last weekend while I was in Nashville I went to spend a gift card I got for Christmas {thanks Santa Slater} I found it for HALF off. It was still expensive but it's really hard to give that up =).


Scavenger Hunt Sunday will be up soon!


  1. That outfit is so adorable. Love your boots!

  2. I adore you boots. Actually your whole outfit is great!

  3. Yes, shopping for boys STINKS! No cute stuff... but I guess boys aren't supposed to look "cute". They're boys! I am waiting for my girl so I can jump on the band wagon of adorable headbands and dresses.
    Oh and cute outfit! I need to learn to go shopping for myself sometimes.

  4. Just popping over from SOS, and I think you look fabulous! xx

  5. I used to agree with you, but if you have a boy, I think you just start seeing things in a new light. I'm now over the moon for dinosaur toes.

    Happy SOS!

  6. I'm like Jess...I need to learn to shop for myself. I had every intention to link to SOS this week, but unfortunately the ONLY steppin' out we did this weekend was to go to church. I don't think everybody wanted to see us in our pajamas. Maybe next week..

  7. oh...and I totally get to step out with you next Saturday!! Woo!

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