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Happy Tones

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HAPPINESS: a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense JOY

Connor {12.24.10}

This photo I took back on Christmas Eve. I didn't get to share everything I took over Christmas because of everything going on right after...I just couldn't keep up. So, this week I decided I'd share some of them for miscellaneous posts. I'm doing triple duty with the photo:

Faith suggested theme is Happiness this week and well...
this little nephew of mine does bring lots of smiles! Miss him!


The theme this week was "tone". I used CS5 to add "tone" to this photo using the Adjustment tab. I then chose custom, checked the tone box, and selected my color.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

I started with this photo:
which is just darling itself..but I wanted to have a little fun.
In Lightroom 3: (1) reduced the noise (2) added some fill light (3) brightened his eyes just little using the brush tool
Then, in CS5: (1) ran Pina Coloda action by PTM (2) cropped (3) defined and sharpened - using an action (4) added "Timeworm" texture Free from PTM, selected "overlay" from the layers tab, used my eraser on his skin at about 80%, then on his clothes at about 40%, then i changed the layer to "soft light" and wound up with this:

Happy Editing!

to see others click each button added above! These are three of my favorite blogs I visit EVERY day!

PS: check out my 365:18 Project post...what more can I do with my fashion passion? =)

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