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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay so this really was a scavenger hunt for me...I had every intention of taking the photos purposefully this weekend on our trip, but I wound up not taking that many. While Wesley went to his meeting, I started to play around with my camera - I always like to take pictures of the details in hotel rooms (I know I'm weird). Then, I decided to go blow all of my money at Anthropologie and that's exactly what I did. I had a gift card..but I spent like 6xs as much. . . no more shopping for me on this long weekend! OR for the next 3 months! Anywho, I had to go back through my photos that I did take on Saturday on the way down and Sunday on the way back. I didn't take my camera to the party because well...I would have gotten some AMAZING shots the likelihood of my camera coming back without a scratch would be slim to none.

So here's what I found:

1. A Different View

Our new governor of TN - Bill Haslam - was inaugurated in Nashville the same day we were there. Our hotel was right next to the capital. So, we actually caught the tail end of the speeches from our hotel room. This picture above is of one of the MANY security detail we saw observing the ceremony and subsequent parade.
2. Looking Up
I40 East
When we left Memphis it was overcast and dreary. I kept saying I wish the sun would come out. Then we started to see blue skies and by the time we got to the capitol the sky was cloudless.

3. Abstract

Can you guess what this it???

4. Hair
This was from a few weeks ago. I thought of Gracie and her bath time Mohawk when the item was hair! =)
The lighting was awful but it was either this or Ari's dog hair...he he no thanks.

5. Half

Half my face in the mirror. I played with actions and textures for a while today.


  1. I love your abstract!! My guess is its some kind of fabric???

    And your half is AWESOME!
    I love your photographic style sweet girl!!

  2. Ooooh I like how creative you got this week. I especially like abstract and half! Nicely done!

  3. Extreme gorgeous-ness! I love your smile in 'half' !

  4. Love your idea what it is though? Maybe the seam of a leather chair?

  5. Beautiful shots! I love your abstract.


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