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Shoot and Edit: Winter

Friday, January 14, 2011

Here's my original from Monday. Remember?

Here's the edit I did using the basic concepts from Ashley's edit. Because my photo was extremely light and her's was fairly dark there were many things I did that were {kind of} opposite of what she did.

For this next one, I left the photo edit as above, then ran Paint the Moon's Candy Light Pop action and slightly sharpened again. I may have lowered the opacity for the whole action a bit too...

For this last one, I decided since I love his little hat and camo pants and HATE that turquoise railing...Memphis has no style! I got rid of all the other color...
I created a Black and White adjustment layer (in CS5) using the Neutral Density Filter and turned it down to about 80%. Then, I selected my black paint brush at full opacity and brushed his hat and his pants! Now, this last edit isn't exactly fancy or something I would print for my wall, but it was just kind of a fun experiment that I thought I'd share for some variety.

Happy editing friends...

PS. We are going to Nashville tomorrow for the annual Red Bull Blowout. I am going to try to post some more snow photos and link up to Scavenger Hunt Sunday! The items this week are: A Different View, Looking Up, Abstract, Hair and Half. These seem really challenging..Abstract..hmmmm. ideas?


  1. Great pop in your edit. I love the last one... the selective coloring. It's so nice to be able to just get rid of something you don't like in a photo now with our programs. :)

  2. I think your edit looks really great and I'm so glad you knew to take teh concepts and apply them to your photo. I need to reinforce that message because each photo is going to be different. Lovely work.

  3. I like your choice to highlight his red hat and get rid of the other distracting collies. Well done!

  4. The last one is great -the hat POPS!

  5. I love how you changed the railing -- all great edits!


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