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Shoot & Edit: Love/Romance

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Y'all are going to think I've lost it. . . gone crazy. . . and totally given up, but it's not true!'s only partially true. I'm linking up for Shoot & Edit this week with what is definitively the WORST photo I have ever let anyone see...much less post to my blog. BUT I want a challenge. I feel like I've been really slacking lately on challenge participation and I've been lazy when it comes to the blog in general...well NO MORE! Well not for tonight at least. I want to see just what I can do to salvage this DARK photo I took of Wesley and I last month on a whim. I didn't even look at camera settings and we were in a pretty dark part of our condo. So, here it is...can you even make it out?

See you Thursday!

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  1. thanks for joining in - i look forward to seeing your edit tomorrow!


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