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Shoot & Edit: Love/Romance

Thursday, February 17, 2011

okay so here we go. I didn't follow a tutorial this week because I knew it wouldn't fit what I needed to do with this disaster of a photo! I went a little crazy and it didn't quite turn out like I wanted BUT I kind of like it anyway.
 So here's what I did...if you want to know?
Reasons why you may want to know...
you took a photo and it was WAY dark or super noisey,
but you cherish the moment
and some moments you can't just capture again.
So, you do your best and it becomes part of the memory!
First edit:
 In Lightroom:
  1. increase exposure
  2. increase fill light
  3. increase recovery
  4. increase clarity
  5. I started reduce noise but then decided that due to how noisey this photo was that it would only blur it, spurring my plan to add more texture for a creative look. If you were stopping her increase the luminance, detail and contrast until it's clearer but not to blurry.
 For the final edit in CS5:
  1. Ran PTM's Florida Action, then tweaked it.
  2. Then I added PTM's Free Timeworm texture.
  3. Changed the layer to overlay and decreased the opacity slightly.
  4. Added watermark.
  5. Took it back to Lightroom and used the rounded edges preset.
The End. For MUCH BETTER edits check out Ashley's blog for this week's Shoot and Edit.


  1. Wow! You took a really dark photo and made it great! I have never even tried on photos that dark, but I guess now I know I should give it a try. Love that edit!

  2. It's a cute shot, and hey, sometimes you just have to be happy you actually got the moment on film, right?

    The edit is cute :) Way to be creative and embrace the noise...

    Just an idea, but have you tried it in a low contrast b&w?

  3. You really did a great rescue. I think Mommy2four made a great suggestion of trying a bnw conversion as there is some good contrast in the photo and noisy photos are great converted to bnw.

    I agree capturing the moment is more important and just pressing down that shutter button before the moment lapses away a second or 2 later.

  4. Great job of saving this photo - did you say you shot this in RAW? Either way, I think you've done a nice would have definitely worked here.

  5. You did such a great job of saving this shot!

  6. I am amazed at what you did with that shot! I would not have tried and now I will know not to give up on a memory worth saving!

  7. I love what you did. You took the flaws in this photo and made them work! The texture is awesome, and looks like a great vintage photo!

  8. Did you create the heart shape on the wall on purpose? You are oh so creative :)

  9. Thanks gals! I did try it in black & white but I liked the little pops of red and pink in the background... So I left it color!

    Andrea - that is just the way the track lighting shines on the wall! The middle bulb is out... Not creativity this time! :)

  10. i am glad you were able to really have fun editing this shot! nicely done bringing it to LIFE!

  11. This is so good for me! Thank you! I am your newest follower!

  12. Nice and lovely pictures. I am trying to be descent with my camera.


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