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New things and NEWS!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So here's a not-so-brief update on what's been going on...

Marianna, Arkansas Town Square
 Since June 2007, nearly 4 years ago now, I worked as a Children's Therapist for a community mental health center in the rural Arkansas delta...until the end of February. Honestly, my heart has been gone from that job for over a year (probably more like two), but that didn't stop my passion for the kids and the desire to make a difference. Last summer I began a search for a new home and a new job. Memphis is a great place to be and to live, for a lot of people, but it was never OUR home. I've always been torn between living the big city life and being a beach bum. So, on the journey of looking for our home, I discovered a few things:
  1. the drive to the ocean MUST take LESS 6 hours
  2. it's really hard to be within driving distance of your family and not DRIVE there ALL the time
  3. if we live closer to our families - we won't spend all of our OFF time driving back and forth to see them - so we might actually get to visit those big cities or beaches I dream about!

So after much searching, here I am back in Central Mississippi, after 5 years of being not-so-far away. Since I was able to find a job here in Jackson, we decided that I'd stay with my parents until he found a job too. Which fortunately happened this week! He started a new job on Monday. So, it's been over a month since we packed our things and moved them to storage and it's not so bad, so far! We are truly blessed to have wonderful families that are more than willing to put up with us when they don't have to.
Sine he has started his new job we will begin our search for a place of to call home. Hopefully we will be paying a mortgage and not rent, but we will see how it all works out. We've both had to make some sacrifices and cuts to get us here, but it seems we will be okay. So, the dream home will have to wait for now..

via Southern Living

I will quickly mention that while I still have a passion for working with children, my new job is drastically different than the old one. I am working at a Rehabilitation Center for patients who have suffered a Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, or have had amputations among other orthopedic issues. I am the single social worker and even though some days I'm really busy, I get to go home at night knowing that the patients are getting the best care possible. That wasn't true at my last job. It was very difficult not to take things home and spin my wheels with little result. That, along with the hour less drive it takes me to get here every day has really opened up my life for so many more things to come in.

Speaking of new things. . . .

The big announcement I mentioned in my last post and one of the MAIN reasons for not blogging and not doing much photography over the past 2 months is we are expecting our first child in October! Today, I am 13 weeks exactly (well you know those dates aren't ever EXACT). We are very excited! This was a little unexpected to have it all happen at the same time, but apparently all we had to do is say "okay lets start trying to get pregnant" and then it happens basically the next day! WHAT?! It was like God was saying "I've been waiting on you to get over yourself Stephanie." Needless to say we were a good way. After having some problems two years ago with possible damage/scarring, I thought it would take a little longer - but I've been wrong before and this time is no different!

Baby @ 11 weeks

Then came the "morning" sickness - the REAL culprit for me being so LAZY! I'm praying it is better soon since I'm about to head into the 2nd Trimester. We'll see! If it sticks around a while, I'll be okay too. There are much worse things in life than a little puking (although don't get me wrong...I am feeling WAAY sorry for myself). I am so thankful for my wonderful Mama, who has made me toast, shopped for groceries, washed my clothes and eaten her Wendy's in the dining room or in the car so I don't have to smell it. All while I've been laying on her couch sighing and groaning!

I guess that's all for now.... it took me a week to write this and post it... Here's hopin' the 2nd trimester brings me energy and an appetite!


  1. I just knew that was gonna be the BIG NEWS! Congrats! I did the whole morning/allday sickness with my last 2. Not.Fun. Hope it gets better soon.


  2. Wow - huge congratulations to you! Just think of all the photos you will be able to take. Hoping the sickness passes quickly for you ;o)


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