The Wilde Olive Blog: Recap and a few photos


Recap and a few photos

Monday, May 16, 2011

It just keeps happening... I want to update, but I just DON'T DO IT! Pregnancy has taken a lot out of me. Not to complain, because I really am super happy about having this little baby BOY, but I don't see how people do this on their second, third, fourth and beyond child. People have told me the second it usually easier, BUT people have told me they've had the opposite experience. We'll see I guess....if I decide to do this again! =) I'm envious of women who have easy breezy pregnancies BUT I am thankful for no complications. It was a huge relief at my 16 weeks appointment to see him and be so lucky to see his little boy parts too! If I'm sick for 9+ months, fine, as long as he's here and healthy come October.

Despite what it seems, I HAVE been using my camera here are few of my favorites from my niece Emma's shoot before Easter.

all photos copyrighted by

my goals for this week: at least two posts filled with photos!


  1. Congratulations on having a baby boy!! That's so exciting!!

    And this little girlie is so darling! Love the photos :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos, your niece is lovely ;o)


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