The Wilde Olive Blog: Birthday Part II: People, Cake, Pool, & Presents


Birthday Part II: People, Cake, Pool, & Presents

Monday, June 27, 2011

the people.
If you build it. . . they will come. Saturday afternoons aren't the usual gathering time for our quite large extended family, but since Father's Day was the next day and the out-of-towners were having a party EVERYBODY showed up for some shade-lounging, baby pool party, hamburger cookin', birthday and father's day present openin' fun. And obviously, as you will see below it was as a BYOBC (bring your own bag chair) party.
R- Emma and her beach ball
L - Grandma - Fun Family Fact: The birthday boy is #13 of her 14 (almost 15) GREAT Grandchildren!
L- Joey, Connor w/ said favorite fruit/watermelon in hand, and Maggie
R- My cute Mama

L- Dylan (the bottomless pit) posing with a Strawberry
R- Birthday Boy in the pool

L- My cute husband watching the babies in the pool (esp his BFF Con)
R- Emma pretending to avoid the spinkler - as she runs right through!
Side Note: If Em comes to visit, you must turn off your sprinkler or she will run right through it - even fully dressed.


More family arriving! I love this shot. It really says summer in Mississippi
You almost have to have a sprinkler going AT ALL TIMES.
L- Em & Beach Ball
R- Clay and Elizabeth - ready for the pool!

Elizabeth SITTING UP in the pool!

The big boys enjoy the kiddie pool

L - Emma's cute booty!
R- Avery joins the pool party!

Will they both fit?

Emma giving Mae Mae love!
A pro in the Cozy Coup!

Cup Cake time!

The most helpful guest! =) and long time family friend/ex nieghbor! We love you Christina!

the cake.
he pretty much LOVED it!

especially the icing (cream cheese icing)

sharing with DaDa

and then...he was DONE!
(One of my favorites from the day)

dada and the bday boy!

L- present from TiTi
R- more presents!...Birthday Boy isn't too interested

so silly with his baked bean face!'s not the best picture of me but I WAS there!


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