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Etsy Shop Opening Soon and...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I need your help!

I'm planning to open a Gray Mornings Photography and Editing shop on etsy. I'm looking for about 5 to 8 people to have their digital photos edited for FREE!  These will be used as examples in the shop. The photos can be taken with any kind of camera (point and shoot, DSLR and I will accept 1 -2 scanned photos). I want to show the different levels and styles of editing I will be offering.

If you would like to submit a photo please comment here on this post, email me at, or facebook inbox me. I will take the first 5 -8 people and ask you to submit the photos to me as soon as possible via email. You will receive the full sized edited photos within next couple of weeks for your personal use. However, you must be willing to let me use them for advertisement in the shop, on my blog, and possibly on facebook.

UPDATE: I think I have what I need! Thank you everybody for the replies via comments, email, & facebook! If I've replied to you then you will receive your photo via email over the next week or so.

Check back for the shop to open VERY SOON!


  1. Hey Stephanie! I would love for you to edit some of Dane's photos!You are so blessed to have this talent. YOU are going to have so much fun with your camera when your lil one gets here!
    ~Betsey R Flowers

  2. Hey Stephanie,
    I would love for you to edit a picture of Jacob! I always look at your pictures and wish I could do that! Btw, congrats on the soon-to-be little one. You're going to have so much fun!
    - Kayla Tullos

  3. I sent you a couple, you do an awesome job. Have fun with them and feel free to share.



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