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Happy Half!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I realized yesterday that today, JUNE 1, is not only my 20th week of being knocked up, but also my half in halfway between 28 and 29. I have to say 29 is kind of a scary number. Not that I think I'm OLD, but wow...when did that happen? I feel like there was a big blur between 25 and now...even though MANY wonderful things have happened in those years. I've also had some goals for this year and feel like I'm accomplishing them. Even though I gave up my 365 project to document my daily progress, I'm still very aware of the changes I'm slowly making each day. I'm settling in my new job pretty well, even though it's been tough and I totally embarrassed myself on Friday when I cried in front of my boss for the SECOND time! These hormones! UGH! It's a good thing she is a SHE and very understanding. I felt awful last week...even after my "I will survive" rant. Anyone else struggle with unbearable reflux your ENTIRE pregnancy (get some kind of stomach virus and cry the whole day before a three day weekend)? I try to push it away-the reflux- and pretend it's not there, but that just doesn't work. . . medication doesn't work and it does not matter what I eat/drink. It creeps up on me all day long. I’m a little worried about not gaining any weight by now, but my belly has obviously gotten bigger and I’d gained some (too much) weight in the months before getting pregnant. So, until the doctor says something I’m just going to do the best I can. I go back at the end of next week. This will be my first appointment without getting an ultrasound. =(

I’ve pretty much settled on some of the nursery d├ęcor {even though I don’t have a house yet! HA} and thought I’d share a little of my inspiration. I bought this fabric over a year ago at Hobby Lobby and used it to cover a small chair, but I still have at least two yards and found out this week that they still have it in stock, so Mom bought another yard.

bumper accents and some other accessories throughout the room

hopefully i will be able to find an affordable rug similar to this one.
the floors will be hardwood (if we get this house)


This is the crib we will be getting from Wesley's sister
except it will come in an Oak finish. I think I will paint it antique white.
Any suggestions on how to go about this??

this dresser is similar to the one we will use for his changing table/dresser
except it's wider and doesn't have a mirror attached
Also, I want the walls to be a soft gray.

and to leave you with one last thing..
I know they are just trying to sell me diapers
but what a great way to do it. Thanks Pampers =)
I can't wait to meet my little banana (apparently that's his length this week)!

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  1. I love reading your blog! You look great and i hope you get to feeling better soon! As soon as you hold your little one for the first time you will forget about all the sickness you had!!! You will survive! Ha you!!!!


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