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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Each week when I see Branson's Edit Me Challenge go up, I go take a look at the photo (I'm usually at work) and come back later to download and start on my edit. Yesterday, when I saw this photo go up I really had no ideas.

 All I could think was to lighten the shadows and do a clean edit, but then I started looking at some of the other entries.... at first there were a lot of black and I didn't want to do what everybody else was doing (they were all already GREAT edits). So, last night after I got home (took some 25 week photos, put my swollen left leg up and ate two slices of pizza - pregnancy is weird or is just me?) I started playing. I remembered commenting earlier in the day on Jessica's edit from I HEART Photoshop (holla). I noted that it looked like an old newspaper clipping...So that's where it all started. This edit is kind of ridiculous and made me laugh a lot while I was doing it, but it was fun to do something I'd never done before. I wish the writing had been a little more creative on my part, but I got tired and fell asleep with the laptop in the bed beside me. So here it is:

My Reflection of Something

and there you have it!
PS: the names in the newspaper were totally made up by me for fun.



  1. I *love* the newspaper text you added!! Great idea.

  2. This is beyond awesome! Love!!!

  3. This is too cool! It caught my eye right away. Very creative! :)

  4. That second edit is AMAZING. I absolutely love it.

  5. You overachiever you! These are all great edits!

  6. What a great edit. I love the newspaper. What a great idea!

  7. Love the old newspaper! I never even would have thought of that. You took it from an edit to a theme. Great job! It really looks like it is from that era too.

  8. Sorry did not mean to leave this as anonymous. Got a little mouse happy. It happens.

  9. Wow! How creative with the newspaper edit!

  10. This is not ridiculous at all; I absolutely love it! So fun and creative. My favorite so far!

  11. I LOVE the first one!! Very creative!

  12. The newspaper edit is just amazing! So completely out of the box...I just LOVE it!


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