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Edit Me: this week!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How will I decide??? This photo from today's guest judge is Beth from Our Typical Life is probably the most beautiful SOOC photo we've had yet for the Edit Me Challenges. . . seriously. I missed last week's challenge due to well.. life. Those of you who are new can read more about that here, here, and here.


First Edit.

Simple: In Lightroom I used Preset Heaven's Fashion Shot II and adjusted it to my liking. I also used the Adjustment Brush to soften her skin just slightly and clarify & sharpen her facial features (eyes, mouth, lashes). I also cropped the photo in a little and to be a 5x7 print size.

For this edit I took the edit above from LR into CS5. I added Paint The Moon's Timeworm texture, selected overlay - so I could see both the texture and the photo, used a soft white brush to remove much of the texture form her creamy white skin, then selected soft light, and lastly I used another action to dial down the brightness the brush added.  I'm really happy with this edit, but my first instinct was do go black and white to maximize the most beautiful use of light from the original photo. I wish I could submit them all for the challenge, but I will have to go with the last one.
Final Edit!
My Reflection of Something

I did this entire edit in Lightroom. I used the Creamtone preset. It is my favorite place to start for a B&W edit. It has a little color added but I usually remove that. I also used the Adjustment Brush to manually soften her skin and sharpen her eyes, mouth, and other features. I used a slightly different crop on this one. I kind of want a copy of this for myself! =) That okay Beth??? hehe

Don't forget to check out the others entering this challenge and jump in if you are obsessed with photography and editing like me or if you are just trying it out! FUN!!


PS. If you like what you see in my edits...I have just opened a shop on etsy and am offering editing services. I'm going to add more stuff later, but I decided I better do some self promoting...which is hard for me..but that's a discussion for a different day! =)


  1. Love the edit...the black & white is beautiful!

  2. All of the edits are beautiful but the BW is gorgeous! Great job!

  3. These are beautiful. I love the bw.

  4. Lovely edits. I, too, love the b & w.

  5. The black and white is my favorite edit. It's sharp, it's clean, it's crisp.

  6. gorgeous BW. i am also in love with the Creamtone preset. it's heavenly.

  7. I really LOVE your black and white edit. So soft and clean!

  8. I think the crop is fantastice, and I looove your b/w! So soft and beautiful!!


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