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Edit Me 13

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm kind of in love with this week's Edit Me photo! It's a crazy good one. There is so much you can do to this one, but so little that NEEDS to be done to make it awesome! I mean..check out this original photo byAmber from Amber's Articles.

So I thought I'd play around a little and after a couple of resets...I wound up with this:
In case you're curious, I did a few really easy things to this photo.
When I do one of these challenges or have a photo that I really want to play with (this is usually a landscape or still life/nonperson original) I will just take my mouse and scroll through all the presets in Lightroom. Since the latest version of lightroom came with some pretty great ones you can see a lot of cool effects in your little preview window to the left. When I see one I like I'll apply it to the photo. If it's not what I want..simply "reset". I've also downloaded some presets for Lightroom that I typically run through as well.

On this particular photo, I wound up with one of the already installed Color Creative presets. It inspired the direction I decided to go for this edit. Each preset is completely just have to play with your settings. This one had me thinking "vintage postcard". So, I used a preset to round the edges. I also used the adjustment brush to brighten the sails of the boat a little and then came back with a new brush set to clarify and went over the boat to just make it pop a little more in the photo.

Next, I took the photo over to CS5. I added PTM's free Timeworm texture on overlay and adjusted it's opacity until I was happy with it! Then I took the black paint brush and applied it on the texture layer to the lower part of the clouds and the horizon. This just darkened the texture in these spots and I'm pretty happy with the results. What do you think?

I tend to ramble when explaining the editing process so here are the steps just listed:
In Lightroom:
(1) Select a preset from the color creative section
(2) Adjust using right side bar settings to liking
(3) Select Round the Edges Preset (white)
(4) Select Adjustment Brush (Brightness) and apply to sails
(5) Select new Adjustment Brush (Clarity), zoom in, and apply to whole boat
(6) Export to Photoshop (CS5)
(7) Open Texture and drag on top of photo
(8) Change setting from normal to Overlay and adjust opacity
(9) Select Texture Layer and Black Brush
(10) Brush over parts of the photo to deepen the texture
AND save!
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Oh! and in a few weeks you'll be editing one of my photos and I get the difficult task of judging. I'm excited!


  1. First, thank you for the lovely things you said about my photo. Hopefully, after the edit me challenge is over I will be able to post several more from this set.

    Secondly, very cool edit. You did an excellent job of transforming the photo, but not to the point of completely removing the drama of the "storm."

    I love the the color changes you made and the texture you added. It really draws my eye to the boat.

  2. True, the original photo itself is so gorgeous. I like how you made it so soft and dreamy and that straight blue line .. awsm!

  3. Great edit. I love the way it turned out.

  4. This is a beautiful edit! I love how you cleaned it up, brightened it, and changed the coloring. My favorite edit so far!

  5. nice job bringing the ship out to clearly see it!

  6. This turned out so gorgeous! I am in love with the colors and the light!!

  7. you never disappoint, Stephanie. such a great edit. i love what you did to bring out the boat!


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