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Family and Floral Shirts

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lately, every weekend has been jammed packed with things to do. Our floors are done. *happy dance* and that means we can move our things out of storage and into the house! and maybe we can LIVE THERE!? I'll do a super special happy dance with that happens! Other than housework, which I help with very little, we haven't really been doing much socializing. Do we have friends in Jackson? I THINK we do..I just haven't seen them since...well I'm not exactly sure when. That needs to change immediately!

However, we did attend a fantastic Luau Surprise Party for my Uncle on Saturday night. I took my camera along, but it was so dark outdoors by the time the party really got started I had a hard time getting some good shots. I am not very good at night shooting, especially with just my camera and pop up flash that I refuse to use unless I have to! Nonetheless we had a great time with family and friends. The hosts did a great job putting everything together.

We were instructed by the invitation to wear Hawaiian shirts. Can you see this preggo lady in large floral print? I think not. I came close though with this dress I borrowed from Mom's closet. I just told Wesley to wear a bright colored polo and we kind of coordinated. =)
I figured I link up since we made some attempt at getting dressed! =)

The best part of the surprise was not just that there was a party in honor of the the birthday boy, but that people traveled from all over to see him!
my cousin, Crisler, flew in from Colorado where he has spent the summer and his Dad had no idea.
There may have been tears!

There was also family from Texas!

Doesn't he look so happy and proud!?

Such a cool cake! I wanted to eat  A LOT of it...alas I resisted!

Left: I love this picture of Wesley for some reason..bright colors and a smile (and a slightly little boyish haircut?) Right: the host's dog Jake (I think was his name) was the perfect little host! LOVED HIM!

the youngest and possibly cutest attendee Elizabeth! I can't believe she's getting so big!
On a side note: Elizabeth is the 14th GREAT Grandchild for my Grandma and Papa Joe.

As Papa Joe (below right) pointed out-literally pointing to my belly- to many of the party guests that Jonah will be his 15th Great Grandchild! Eight of his thirteen grandchildren have reproduced...we are still waiting on the other five...
We love holidays at Grandma and Papa Joe's!
For family members and party goers: there are more photos on FB and a few more to come. I've also posted here if you want to have them for yourself.


  1. What a fun party - you look beautiful.

  2. YES, I demand a get together SOON! Preferably before football season kicks off. We'll be in town more often this season, but our other friends won't.

    Girls night?

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! I agree... you look so great! ;)


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