The Wilde Olive Blog: I'm back as a participant! =)


I'm back as a participant! =)

Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm back as a participant this week for edit me! Last week, I judged and that was a really hard job! It was neat to see how different people have such different styes of editing and I loved seeing my photo in so many unique ways! I think I'd much rather just be editing! =)
This very picturesque scene was taken by Jill at Jill Samter Photography.
Jill has a beautiful site definitely check it out if you haven't already! 

I just when back in my folder and counted the edits I did of this photo and there are a total of 6! There was so much I wanted to do with this photo and it's SO hard to decide.

Below is the before and after shot from Lightroom.
I tried a few presets, but decided to just manually edit first! The sky was so blue and I didn't want to lose that.
Here are my settings in LR for the photo above. I think it's a nice clean, fresh edit...
but I wanted to do a little more. So I tried some of these things below.

I really like each of them, but decided on the one below to enter in the challenge.
It's still nice and clean, but has a vintage look which suits the subject very well! (in my opinion)

Using the photo from LR above I imported it into CS5 and simply ran Paint the Moon's "Vintage Fairytale" and "Pop It On the Spot". I used Pop It On the Spot to make sure there were defined edges between the silos, the roof and the sky. I also brushed it on the stone and the window of the barn! I really LOVE this photo.
What do you think?

Be sure to check out other great edits!


  1. so glad you showed so much of your work for this edit! extremely helpful for other folks using Lightroom and wondering, "how did she do that!?!" this is gorgeous and i completely agree that vintage is a great choice on this shot!

  2. All of your edits are fantastic (as always!) but I do agree with the one you chose! The touch of vintage works well for this subject :)

  3. I really like the vintage feel and how the details are so crisp. Thanks for sharing your process, very helpful.


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