The Wilde Olive Blog: Is it time to freak out yet? (nah)


Is it time to freak out yet? (nah)

Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm pretty sure that ticker over on the right hand side of this blog says I have 47 days left. WHAT?!? I'm super DUPER excited about being a mom and seeing my baby boy, but I'm also terrified. This week we did a walkthrough of where we will deliver, etc. Yep. It's a nice new facility with great doctors and nurses, but that bed just freaks me out! I just want it to magically happen...POOF! It's a boy! and then they hand him to me and I cry tears of joy and fall instantly in love! Friends and family swarm the room and we all celebrate. Now, I know this is totally unrealistic but I also know that it will all be worth it in the end... no matter how many hours of labor or whatever is to come my way. He'll be in my arms and it will be wonderful! Here are a few 33 week shots!

 This past weekend we moved all of our furniture and things out of our storage unit and finally spent our first two nights in our new {old} house. The first night was a little stressful. Ari hasn't quite adjusted to the change...and kept us up most of the night. UGH! He did much better last night though and I got a pretty good night's sleep. The hard part is getting out the door in the mornings. I'm last to leave, so I have to use a plastic bag (which he's scared of) to get out of the door. All I have to do is crinkle it a little and he cowers. I tried making him sit for treats, but he just panics. He knows I'm leaving and WILL NOT let me out the door! It's frustrating and I feel really bad having to use a bag to keep him in, but I have to go to work and he has to stay home. . . Hopefully soon he'll be a little more adjusted and not FREAK OUT so much when I leave. I may try some peanut butter in a kong toy next week to help a little with anxiety. He REALLY loves that stuff! And now that he has a back yard to run and roll around in, he can work off the extra calories no problem. See below for proof of ability to exercise!
Please excuse the quality of the photos in the post. They are definitely not award winning...the sun had already gone down and I used as much light as possible...but I had to take some and I had to share! my favorite is below...look at that very Chow tongue! Also, please exuse our patchy grass! It's still 1000 degrees, we have ZERO water pressure and the previous I've mentioned before...were not the outdoors type (apparently).

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  1. cute baby bump! He will be here before you know it....and then time starts going in fast forward ;) lol

  2. Agh soooo darn cute. Love your baby belly. Adorable.

  3. Hi Stephanie, thank you for stoping at my Edit me.
    Your belly is cute as a button. this must be so exciting for you. And I understand the scaries as well. Im scared at even at a thought to have a child yet haha.

  4. oh, time to get very excited!!! love these pics . . . sometimes it's refreshing to just see raw shots and life as it is. wonderful :)

  5. You look soooo adorable! I remember having that same vision of the whole birth process. I was determined to have it all go perfectly. Of course it didn't. Not even close. BUT I got the most amazing healthy little boy as the result of what DID happen, so really it was perfect after all ;) I am praying big time you get the birth experience you dream of, but like to hear you keeping a real outlook as well! How you give birth doesn't make you a mother... how you PARENT the baby you get does! (and yes, I wanted to punch my doctor when he told me that while I was in labor and being prepped for a csection, but here I am... quoting him, lol!)


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