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Still waiting...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

 We are still waiting on our little man to show, but while we wait I'm trying to have a good time with family. Friday was my last day of work, which feels kind of good. I may get a little break...unless he decides to show before Wednesday. I haven't really be carrying my camera around, BUT I did get my new iPhone (I went from a 3GS to the 4S) on Friday and have been having a lot of fun with the new and improved camera. Siri is a lot of fun too, but she has a little attitude. . .

{1} 39 weeks and 2 days {2} Ari chillin' with Mama on the bed {3} Emma on the new Zebra rocker - consignment gold! {4} I was getting a manicure while Wesley got his hair cut, but apparently he coudn't resist getting one too (he needed it) {5} Connor's new kissy face {6} Connor giving Emma a look at Sweet Pepper's after he ate and ate and ate! He's so handsome especially in that little man shirt! love it

39 weeks 4 days and just waiting....



  1. you look absolutely beautiful!!!! hang in there!!! baby will be here soon :)

  2. Love that kissy face photo! Lol!

  3. So cute, love your selfie, I can never get a cool angle like that!

  4. You look so great. YAY for the 4S. Can't wait to see photos of him.

  5. Awww... those few days before the imminent arrival are so precious and frustrating and fleeting. Best wishes for a safe delivery and perfect baby!


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