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Photos on a Friday

Friday, January 27, 2012

I thought I'd start the weekend by sharing some of my favorite photos I've taken over the past two weeks and haven't had time to edit and get up! These really make me want to do some professional work again. Any takers? I haven't done anything since new job, being pregnant, moving then having Jonah ect... ect... I have really felt passionate about getting behind my camera this past month. I'm learning and growing all the time. Thank goodness I have nieces (Laurel 21 months pictured here) and nephews who are willing subjects (most of the time) and of course my little man is always available for a little modeling. So you know I couldn't leave him out... even with his crazy natural mohawk and tongue sticking out (see below) I still can't resist him! My oldest nephew will be nine in less than a month and I could only trick him into getting his picture taken. Now, he's all for it. I've gained a little knowledge in this area - like - he loves to take photos with our dog, Ari. So why not get a few close ups while I'm at it that don't include the dog. This also works on him when there are babies around - and what a genuine smile I get almost everytime! Those frame worthy shots can be found below.


Jonah Wilder 3 Months Old

Photobucket  Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday


  1. Your niece has the most gorgeous eyes! Love your little guys Mohawk! 9 is a hard age but you did a great job. Looks like you have a pretty cool nephew to! :)

  2. The baby is so adorable!
    Love the photos! It's nice you have you back!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. What beautiful shots! And beautiful kids!

  4. Fabulous photos, my dear! Kids are tough subjects... at least once they can move, haha. You did a wonderful job :)

  5. These are all LOVELY! SOOOO lovely! I love the shot of your cute boy & his pup.

  6. Your nieces and nephews are just adorable! Lovely photos!


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