The Wilde Olive Blog: Yep. It's Friday. Had any {mom}ents this week?


Yep. It's Friday. Had any {mom}ents this week?

Friday, January 13, 2012

  and I have some iPhone/Instragram cuteness for you! Are you tired of seeing photos of JUST my baby yet!? If not scroll on down! OR if you are scroll down anyway there's some Mommy stuff at the bottom.


Had enough yet? No?
Check out the one where I took a picture when he's was crying instead of giving him his bottle back...
 most of these I take instead of getting ready for work...

Okay so he's really cute right? And getting SO chunky!
If you haven't had enough you can follow me on instagram or twitter where I post most of these!
Perfect Imperfectionslife rearranged
Now then, on to some other stuff for this random post today.
I want to try something new.

 I'm a new mom and with that comes this whole new learning curve that I feel a little behind most of the time. I have moments everyday when I find myself saying "oops" or "what in the world am I suppose to do now?", but I also have moments of pure pride, exuberation, and moments that have me laughing myself mostly. I think about blogging these things, but don't really know if they fit, but hey it's my blog...I can do whatever I want. So, I thought why not have a designated time to share these moments. "I think I'll call it {mom}ents." What do you think? You want to play along?

You could share something special your little (or big) one(s) did this week or something they did to drive you crazy or mommy mishaps like

"I started to pump at work on Wednesday and realized two minutes in that I forgot to attach the bottles. Clean up. 4th Floor"

"I packed a bag to stay at mom's for a night and the only sleeper I included was literally two inches too short for my baby! Hmmm. I knew he hadn't worn it in a couple weeks..." 

I'm opening the link until NEXT Sunday.
You can also just comment or email ( your {mom}ent instead I'll post some favorites here next Monday!



  1. what an adorable baby! He is a cutie! And love your {mom}ents!

  2. Fun! You can bet I will find something to link up later this weekend :) (and ps you can never share too many photos of that sweetie!)

  3. Adorable pics and great idea for a link up. I'll come up with something and link up soon.

  4. Your baby is seriously cute & I don't blame you one bit for showing him off. :) LOVE all the photos and so glad you linked them up this weekend. I think your new linkup will be a success! I'll definitely have to keep this in mind this week and see if I have an linkup worthy {mom}ents. :) Best of luck!

  5. such a cute little face. i miss having a little one. my youngest is two and he is growing so fast. no more for us though.


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