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A Self Portrait Challenge

Monday, February 13, 2012

While I was pregnant, I posted several photos of myself.  Just me and my Jonah belly, but now it really is just me. I loved taking photos of my pregnant belly. It made me feel good to see them. Like it solidified me as a mother or something. Now, it's just me. Me and this new body. I've become quite familar with it over the past nearly four months, but embracing it is still in the distant future.
You really can't tell in these photos, but I recently cut about eight inches off my hair - what a relief. It's still falling out like crazy, but at least the hairs are eight inches shorter when I pull out handfuls in the shower.
 The photos above were taken last week - in my home - at night. Terrible lighting. But I see the importance of showing people who read this blog and don't see me in real life my real self. I want people to respect me behind the camera, but I also want to show myself honestly infront of the camera. New body and all.

I'm linking up for this self portrait challenge with Chelsey - The Paper Mama - Check out all the other brave ladies out there doing the same!

The next photos are from a while back and not of just me. I love having these photos of me and Jonah together. I want him to be able to see them and know how loved he was/is from the very beginning.
This one is my favorite.

and since I'm sharing some of him and I, I also want to share some precious moments of Jonah and Wesley.
They aren't great quality but the boy is loved.


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