The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Week 14 Rewind


2012 Week 14 Rewind

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So, you may have noticed a little something around here has changed. I am an absolute crazy person and started designing a new header LATE Friday night and well stayed up well into the night morning working on actually getting it up. It eventually evolved into what you see now - over a couple of days. It's completely different than I've had before...a more artsy but still clean. Maybe? I'm happy, it reminds me of Summer camp or a movie about summer camp. . . I am but oh so tired of Blogger glitches :/  Boo. One day I'll make the switch. 

I also got rid of GFC on the sidebar. It quit showing up when I changed my layout and I haven't had a new follow that way in quite some time...soo... now what? I put a little poll on the sidebar. Would you pretty PLEASE fill it out? Even if you don't come here very often - just let me know how you got here! I want to make sure that I'm accessible to you all and I want to GROW! =) Advice fellow bloggers?!

Anyway, here's what you came for!
This week began kind of dreary but ended with a beautiful Easter weekend! I've shifted my view a little on this 366 Project. It started as more of a goal to get my camera out everyday this year and actually take a picture, but I was only a few months in my instagram (stephaniesclark) experience at that point and I am able to document that way all day long and I absolutely LOVE the community there. I've actually met new bloggers and found new blogs through IG! Don't have a iPhone or Android you can click the INSTAGRAM tap on the side bar to view our photos on your computer! I've decided to take at least one photo from each day for this post to document what WE were doing or how the day was,etc.

rainy work day =(
Storytime with Cousin, NaNa, and Daddy - taken by NaNa
Boots! That I've apparently been wearing since 2006.
cutest kid ever! before work!
Friday Night at Aunt Lacey's getting Easter happies from MeME and Poppie!
Saturday - waking up from a nap!
Saturday - falling back asleep and laughing while sleeping
Cupcakes for Laurel's Birthday Day - SO CUTE AND YUM!
Cousin Laurel turns TWO!

The Easter Bunny brought Jonah some goodies! And we are all ready for church!
Easter was a great day for us! Nice and relaxing time with family!

 I'm saving more Easter photos for this week's Leap Into Spring Challenge!

Don't forget to please fill out the poll! Please! --->
(I still need to design a new signature!)


  1. Great shots. Looks like a busy and fun week. I love your new blog look!

  2. Such cuties! Easter is always a special time for us too.


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