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Jonah: 5 Months

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

 Jonah turned 5 months old on March 19th and I feel like he’s changed the most over the past month than any before. I’ll probably be saying that again next month, but for now it’s true. Since it's been a few weeks, MUCH has changed already, but I made most of these notes the week he turned 5 months!

At FIVE months old Jonah…

"talks" ALL the time!
 gives the sweetest smiles
and is very attentive..taking it all in.

Also, Jonah...

• is about 15lbs (we’ll check his height next month)

• has some serious baby chub going on especially in the thighs!

• still has blue eyes

• is still going blonde or red – don’t quite know yet

• is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing and size 1 shoes

• can hold his bottle (CAN but doesn’t always WANT to – that’s okay mama will do it)

• can sit up on his own for mintes at a time (he does this really well on his changing table)

• tried solid food for the first time

• went to his first parade (and second)

• became a BIG cousin for the first time (Jonah and Jude are exactly 5 months apart)

• sleeps exclusively in his crib at home and through the night most night

• sleeps on his side in a swaddle – but usually gets his arms out

• HATES his carseat most of the time

• likes being in the carrier

• went on his first forward facing stroll

• laughs often at everything and nothing

• loves other kids – he watches those cousins like no one else exists!

• will have quiet time in his crib with Scout for about 10-20 minutes without napping

• tries to grab everything out of your hands

• holds on to your shoulder when carrying him

• pulls hair

• loves to shake things (rattles, toys, necklaces, keys-I have to watch him on that one)

• loves his toys (play gym, sophie, winkle boxed toy, his owl and Bee at NaNa’s)

• is an aspiring quarter back or pitcher – loves to throw things and they go far!

• grabs your face

• still loves to look at himself in the mirror

• is liking tummy time much better

I know I say it enough, but my life has changed and this kid is the center of my universe! LOVE HIM!

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  1. Stephanie Jonah is such a handsome lil man. I love the color shot of him.

  2. Oh my...this baby is just gorgeous!! Great shots♥

  3. Stephanie ~ You have one handsome child but you know that ~ His eyes are incredible ~ darling one ~ excellent photography too! ~ LOL ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ linked w/This and That Thurs

  4. Gorgeous photos, and lose reading the updates! He is so precious! Oh and I think we have the same bedding, haha

  5. Beautiful images and I LOVE that you are recording all of these details. It is so worth your effort to capture all of these little stories of his life right now, way to go!

  6. Awww. So sweet. He is growing up so fast. Can't believe he is sitting up so well at 5 months. He has some gorgeous eyes.

  7. Oh my goodness, that last photo absolutely kills me! What a gorgeous little man!

  8. He is just beautiful, especially with those amazing eyes. Lovely photos!!


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