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Jonah's Nursery

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Wednesday is going to be very wordy! I wrote Jonah's 6 month post...somewhere. Can't find it! It was going to accompany these photos, but I think I took enough for two post! So this one will be dedicated to his nursery!

As many of you may know, we purchased our first home in July 2011. It was built around 1940 and has the charm and quirks of an older home! It's in a historical neighborhood that we love! I was pregnant when we began looking so of course I was focused on which room would be the nursery, the layout of the home, etc. Well one of the quirky charming things about our home is that Jonah's room is a walk through room - meaning it has two doors one from the hallway and another that leads into our bedroom. The house has an addition that from the outside and mostly the inside you wouldn't know was there. Even though it was only steps away, he still didn't sleep in his crib until he was about four months old. 
Now, at six months it's fully functional and he's really comfortable! 
I realized that I hadn't really photographed his room and have been meaning to since before he was born, but there was always something else I wanted to add before I shared the photos. 
Well. at this point I think we're done!
We really use his room and I find myself constantly cleaning and picking up in there - while neglecting my own room/kitchen/bathroom. When nieces and nephews come over they are just drawn to Jonah's room. It makes me feel good that it's so attractive to them and yet still fits the style of our house. 

Nearly everything in the nursery has been re-purposed from somewhere else or made from scratch by Mommy, Daddy or NaNa. His crib was given to us by my sister-in-law (as she had three cribs). The rocker was found in my great aunt's home after she passed away earlier last year. We had the crib and rocker painted to match the dresser (which belonged to Wesley as a child). I had previously painted and used as an entertainment center in our loft in Memphis. The green rug was a Gilt purchase for our kitchen in Memphis. I love it with the the blue fabric we used to recover the rocker. You can also see it on his quilt, bumper, hospital door wreath and in a frame above the dresser/changing table. The crib bumper was a big decision for me that I struggled with from the time I started making plans for the nursery. Pretty much every parenting site, book, and class says don't use one. Pediatricians tell you to remove them when they start rolling over or sitting up. They also say if you are going to have one make sure it's only a half inch thick or something like that. Well we decided on the not-so-attractive mesh bumper from Babies-R-Us and my mom added the fabric where the satin-like trim was previously. It's still in there but will probably go as soon as Jonah starts pulling up in his crib.

The curtains were made by my mom with the help of some elves i.e. my grandmother, sister, and I and they are probably my favorite thing in our house! There are three windows and four curtains, so they basically cover the outside wall and are opened and closed pretty much daily. We LOVE all the natural light we can get! My mom also made his mobile and quilt (not pictured). The green table I used in our loft next to my's a cheapo from target but works functionally very well!

The white outfit below was Wesley's going home outfit we got from his mom in pretty perfect condition and the one hanging below was one I bought for Jonah before he was born and he actually wore it home from the hospital. The size difference is huge considering they are both newborn. Jonah could still wear his at four months old. So, buy preemie sizes if you want them to actually fit when they are newborn. Jonah was nearly 8lbs.

The shelf above the closet was built by my husband and it really does look like it belongs there. I'm still not thrilled about the arrangement of items on the shelf, but it'll evolve over time. The wreath was the one I made for the hospital door. On the closet doors are vinyl chalkboard stickers I order a loong time ago.

The shelves were an old Bed Bath purchase from when I started college. They used to be dark wood. Wesley painted them with the trim paint and hung them for me over the dress/changing table. I love this collage. That sock monkey I found at a goodwill when I first started doing some photography and wanted to use it as a prop. It goes SO well in the nursery. Below is a silly photo of me and J, but I included it because this is an old closet that's closed in with a still functioning door. Wesley wanted to get rid of it but I love the mirror, it's a constant play space for us! 
Hopefully one day I photograph the other rooms in our house to share!
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  1. I envy your styling nursery and I don’t even have a child. :) Looks like you did a wonderful job. Beautiful picture of the little man... I can’t believe those eyes…they’re so blue! Happy 6 months and happy WW!

  2. OOOOHHH! I love his nursery. Looks great!! Can you come do the boys room when we move?

  3. Stephanie, Hope you linked these great shots in our photo challenge! Love the photos! So glad you joined in our Mommy Moments Photo challenge! Good Luck!
    A couple of reminders:
    -Remember the image that is on the linky is the one were judging for the challenge.
    - Write the Day on the linky.
    - Make sure you have followed both host: &
    - Still have 17 days to get your 12 days of photos!!!

  4. Wow, so lovely! I just love the blues and greens together. And the baby is pretty cute too. :)

  5. The room is bright and beautiful! You've done a lovely job decorating. And what is it about a baby- it's as if you can see right into them through those eyes. Stunning pics! Happy WW!

  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE his room!!!! It's perfect :) So fresh & clean!
    And I must admit - he's such a little stud! Love those blue eyes!

  7. Oh my...your son is precious!! The nursery is gorgeous. Love all the soft colors. Looks like you are having the time of your life! Enjoy♥

  8. Love the room! and your son is adorable!!

  9. Hi nursery is so beautiful! I love the colors and the handmade touches.

  10. Your son is precious and that nursery is amazing! Older houses are great with all their quirks, aren't they? :)

    Cat Nap

  11. His nursery is beautiful; what a lucky boy! Great tulip shot too!

  12. gorgeous baby - a heartbreaker for sure!

  13. Love his nursery and beautiful bright blue eyes!

  14. SOOOO very cute. And that room is gorgeous. You know one of my little regerts is never having had a beautiful baby nursery. And I have had four kids ! Oh well. I leave the beauty to you!

  15. Stephanie, I enjoyed looking at what you did with Jonah's nursery. When I saw your house, there wasn't any furniture in it. You did a great job coordinating everything. Jonah has the most beautiful eyes and you have the best mom!

  16. You should have shown inside his closet. Apparently it's an attractive feature to the tots too. :)

  17. What a fantastic space! Love the colors & the airy feel.


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