The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Week 19 Rewind


2012 Week 19 Rewind

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's are always SO HARD for me. Whether we've packed our weekend full of family fun or had a relaxing day at home..they just remind me of what I'm really wanting right now...more time. They remind me how precious my time is and how I spend it is important. I've begun, for the most part, not making any dinner decisions or turning on my computer until after Jonah goes to sleep, because really I only spend about four awake hours with him every day. Most of those hours are filled with getting ready, feeding, and bathing. So last Monday night when he feel asleep before his bed time...I held him until his usual bed time =) 
On Tuesdays, Wesley spends the whole day with him. So that means I get a little more time with him when I come home because the trip isn't as long - 5 minutes from work actually.
He was already bathed and in his jammies - good job daddy - but he got a second pair of jammies after dinner...messy man.

I even got to do a little (very little) cooking this week!

On Wednesday night, we gathered again to say bye bye to Maggie and Connor. 
More picture of them later...they are still on the camera and there might be a video..

And Thursday we just did our thing. 
Including carrots and avacado. He loves it!
Just over the past week or so. He's really started opening his mother and waiting for you to put food in it. It's the cutest thing!
And Friday mornings...I took a little extra time to snuggle before getting ready for work. It's just so tempting and hard to get out of that bed!

Friday night I could hear Jonah grunting a little in his bed and found him like this... totally asleep but I think maybe his knees one elbow and his head were the only things actually touching the mattress.

On Saturday, we had a little visit from Wesley's family. It was a stormy day, but we had a good quiet visit! 

This is probably my favorite outfit of J's right now (minus the hat..we were playing a little dress up to entertain him on the changing table). 
We ended out Saturday with a nice walk.
I love how everything look after the rain. 

but we ran into a little traffic jam on the way back. =)

Sunday: My first mother's day was great. A little more about that here

yah. I know I look cray cray in that picture. HA!



  1. Your first mother's day huh? That is so exciting! By the way, my little one used to sleep like yours with the bum in the air! Too funny!

  2. Thank you so much for linking up with me. Wonderful pics. I love when babies sleep with their butt in the air like that. It's so cute. Your little guy is adorable.

  3. He is just so sweet! I want to meet him and cuddle him ;) I can't imagine how hard it is to try to balance everything. I failed miserably, lol. You are an awesome mama!

  4. Love your photos. So sweet. Beautiful. Sorry weeks are rough for you.

  5. he's so sweet. I can completely 110% relate with you on how hard it is to only see these guys for a few hours a day when we work. I do the same thing as you....try to enjoy every waking moment with J and leave the computer and phone behind. When I'm at the office I try to finish as fast as possible so I can hopefully leave work at 2 and spend a few extra hours with him. Juggling family and work and blogging is kind of hard some times.


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