The Wilde Olive Blog: Thoughts on a Friday {Again}


Thoughts on a Friday {Again}

Friday, June 15, 2012

  • Sometimes I just get a little stuck. Things aren't going badly - at all - just feel stuck. Like I need a little push and  a little inspiration. Well, it's quitting time on Friday and even though there's ANOTHER storm brewing outside, I'm feeling a little better. 
  • I'm a little terrified about Father's Day on Sunday. I'd like the day to be special for Wesley, but I'm kind of at a loss..still. 
  • I think a lot of my feelings have to do with being a girl and those stooopid things that come along each 28-32 days that really remind you that you are a girl. Boo.
  • I took the photo to the left as a part of a What I Wore Wednesday post..but never wrote the post. I'm trying to TRY a little harder with my attire - on no budget. My closet is a TOTAL mess and needs some organization
  • Also, I let Jonah fall off the bed this morning. That's the definition of EPIC PARENTING FAIL... he's fine, but he cried and I cried. It's bound to happen again...he's a mover, that one. . . but UGH! What makes it worse is I then have to go to work where there are people with brain and spinal cord injuries for something equally as simple as a little fall. Okay I'm done with bashing my poor parenting. =)
  • On a positive note, my little etsy shop made some sales this week! Yippee! and had a few more inquiries. Here are some of the popular, new items, and yet to be added things. 

  • I'm really happy with the people I've sponsored this month and the folks they are sending my way. =) 
  • I'm happy that even though I've been buying things with it there is still a little money in my PayPal account (very little - but still). 
  • Speaking of being happy! I just remembered that I made a Peach Blueberry Pie last night and it's waiting for me! =) 

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  1. Yeah, I've had these days before! Where, like you said, things aren't going badly and you aren't exactly down, but not happy either. I call it just feeling blah. Don't be so hard on yourself girl; we all make mistakes. I'll share a little secret: when my little one was around 8 months I had her on the bed and she was rollin' around and the next thing I know she was on the floor. Yep, she rolled right off the bad. She wailed, I cried, it was a mess. I thought I was the worst mom ever and when I told my friends and family, they almost all said the same thing that it had happened to them too. I swear every baby, at some point, falls off a bed.


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