The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Week 26 Rewind


2012 Week 26 Rewind

Monday, July 2, 2012

Last week. Jonah just really took off. make it stop please =) He not only crawls where EVER he wants, he pulls up and attempts climbing. Seriously, folks I think our hands are going to be full with this one. I wanted him to crawl so badly because he's really been trying for so long, but at this rate I'm thinking he'll be walking well before his first birthday. 
Birthday. Wha? 
I guess I have to start thinking about it since it's like 3 1/2  months away. 
 I spent some time Saturday really trying to clean the floors, shelves and cabinets...because those little hands are everywhere! Our house was already somewhat baby proof (if such a thing actually exists) but there are few items I still need to work on. We need to had cabinet locks - he hasn't quite gotten those open yet probably because ours don't have knobs but I know it's coming.
Favorite place to go straight to in the kitchen: dog bowl. I told you guys he loves water! Pretty gross. 

It's been in the upper 90's low 100's this week and this humidity is no joke! I am thankful though, for working air conditioning and a partially shaded backyard, because my child demands some time outside. . . and my favorite place has become the hammock. 
 Satuday/Sunday Jonah and I spent 26ish hours all by ourselves while Daddy took a little trip. It was fine, but  I'm definitely a fan of having a break once in a while. Especially when this boy has been too busy to take good naps lately - which makes him super clingy! And Saturday night, he stayed up until about 9:45. I think because he did have a good afternoon nap and a short little nap on the way to dinner about 7. So yeah. I'm super thankful to be part of a team. =)
And he was SO happy when Daddy came home! 


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  1. Love these. Sooo adorable! Love the ones of you two. I want a swing like that.

  2. Soo cute ! Loving it..

    Xxx Sharmayne


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