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Jonah at 9 Months

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have been the worst lately. I miss writing regularly like crazy, but I literally sit down at my computer and my eyes close. I'm super busy at work and not resting well at night. Jonah's tummy problems have been going on for almost a month now and he's gone back to not sleeping through the night. EVER. Which makes for a very tired mommy and daddy. So, if you miss me (or that cute little boy)... we can catch up on instagram or twitter (@stephaniesclark).

So here we are only 10 days away from Jonah turning 10 months old and I'm just getting around to writing his 9 month post, but I still want to do it. So here goes. 

At nine months Jonah is

18 1/2 pounds
27 inches tall
and has a huge head! 

He actually didn't gain any weight between 8 and 9 months (maybe even lost a few ounces). We didn't go to the pediatrician at 8 months, so I weighed him myself - so there could be a little error in there. He started crawling at 8 months (to the day). So, his level of activity can be attributed to the weight. 

He pulls up on everything and has developed a very demanding little personality! He wants what he wants...he's learning so much though. 

  • He can say Mama, DaDa, and Bye Bye very clearly. 
  • He can wave bye and give high fives. 
  • He loves to hit pat everything. 
  • He can also throw a ball pretty well - it's pretty cute!
  • He dances to music and claps when you say Yay! or Patty Cake. 
  • He still has NO teeth, but can eat several finger foods (which he prefers over you feeding him with a spoon). 
  • He also feeds his food to the dog (Mama hates this but it's pretty funny). It makes for a long dinner time. 
  • He still loves the water!

Jonah man I love you so much. Everyday our relationship grows and changes. I am so blessed to have been given you as a beautiful gift. You have made our lives so much MORE. I cherish you and pray for you daily. I'm so sad you are growing up so fast, but can't wait to see what you do next!
Love you,

Jonah style ::: Overalls- Vintage (1982) via his Daddy ::: Hat- Gymboree

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  1. Oh my!!! Tooo adorable!! Love these.

  2. these are just too cute!!!
    Love them all

  3. What an adorable little guy. I love your photos. sorry for the lack of sleep. That is so hard. Loved reading this guy is 18 months old. :)

  4. So cute!! Love the overalls and news cap!

  5. These are sooo... adorable!!! Love that hat and he is just so cute!!! :0) .

  6. Gorgeous pics and HAPPY 9 (almost 10) months to your adorable little guy!

  7. Sorry you haven't been getting much sleep! Hope he starts feeling better soon! Otherwise, it sounds like he is doing well! Is it possible that he keeps getting cuter?! I think so!!! That hat is so perfect for him! My favorite shot is of him crawling away (the third one down)!

  8. What a doll! Happy 9, almost 10 months! I know your pain...not sleepy well + working + hobbies has started to make my eyes twitch!

  9. What a cutie! These shots are adorable and capture this moment in his life beautifully. Thank you for sharing!

  10. We just got that hat at Gymboree last weekend. He's such a cutie! Those photos are really great.

  11. I love Jonah he has such style for a cutie patootie.
    Thank you for linking up the other week by the way, sorry I havent replied sooner, it's been manic round here with my little boy. I am back to blogging now and also the link up has changed a little but its all up and running again :)
    You've blogged so much since I last came on here, seriously tell how you manage photography,blogging and being a mummy?!
    Just to let you know aswell you have been featured on todays post x x


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