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Teething Stinks

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm almost positive the recent diaper rash and now stuffy nose is teething, finally. Here we are one week from his first birthday and we might just have a vampire baby for Halloween =). Jonah is cutting is top left canine tooth. I haven't found much on the internet about getting teeth "out of order" but from the blog posts and message boards on baby center, it seems okay but just a little unusual.

Anyone have any person experience to share?
Toast with Apple Butter makes him HAPPY and sticky! Don't judge me. =)

Planning to get my big girl camera out this weekend for the party, but for now iphone photos will have to do!
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  1. And then they become a tween and you have teething all over again, ha! So sorry for your little man. No fun!

  2. We have two sets of friends who's daughters cut the canines first. Got some really funny photos! Eating red food, messy then smiling with those teeth. Really funny!

  3. That is the pits!
    Everyone develops differently. Perhaps you can call your dentist?
    I do know that when my son was teething, he found a lot of relief from eating frozen bananas. Messy but it loved them.

  4. My oldest daughter did that. She got her four bottoms early (4-6 mo.) then she skipped the two middle top and got the next side teeth first. About a couple months later her middle tops came in. I thought she was going to be a vampire there for a bit. hahaha. She is 34 now and her teeth are normal, always have been.

    I discovered you in the Wordful Wednesday hop via Alicia! Come by and see me some time and perhaps join, if you'd like to. I don't know why you wouldn't. I'm joining you straight away.

  5. my nephew's teeth came in "out of order". he had his two bottom then got a canine on top. dr said it was totally fine.



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