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Jonah is one (part 2)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Jonah turned ONE on October 19, 2012. Here's part 1, if you are confused about the "part 2". 

I just wanted to take a few minutes and note some of the awesome things about this boy at twelve months and finally share these cute photos from his birthday. 

He has changed so much over the past few months, it's hard to picture him as the baby he was a few months ago. It's actually been about 3 weeks since he turned one and I took these photos and I can already see more changes! It never stops. Slow down child. 

12 Month Stats. Jonah is 20 lbs 8 oz, 29 inches tall, and 48.3 head circumference. Basically, 25% ish for height and weight with a larger than average head! He uses all that brain power to be extremely active, which could account for his slim physique. 

Sleeping: Pretty well still. He's fighting us more to go to sleep but once he's down, he's pretty good. However, he's had a could of bad night lately, probably teething and his first ear infection. yucky stuff. 

Eating: The boy is a pretty good eater. He likes a lot of things, but is becoming quite the carbaholic (he gets it honest). I fix him a well balanced meal, usually, a very colorful plate, but those little fingers go straight to the carb/starch every time. I guess it's really inevitable that he will have one some imperfections. He's still on soy formula and a bottle. He's been sick for pretty much the past two weeks, so I can't see taking away a major comfort while he's not feeling well. He does drink out of a cup though and has had cow's and soy milk from a carton. We'll gradually change him over. 

Side note: At our check up our doctor told me that sometimes babies can get a temporary lactose intolerance when they get a stomach virus/flu and it appears just like an allergy or intolerance for a period of time, but eventually they can go back to eating/drinking dairy, but obviously it isn't necessary because soy has all the same good stuff as dairy. (but what would a life me without cheese? unbearable. that's what.)

Teething: That little speck of a tooth you can see up there is almost fully grown in along with two others and two more on the way on the top. He's on his way to a mouth full. 

Physical Activity: Jonah started walking at about 10 1/2 months and really took off at 11 months. By his birthday he was toddling like a pro! He graduated to walking backwards a little over the past couple of weeks. It's pretty hilarious. Too bad he doesn't really do it on cue or I'd video it. He's so proud of himself. He'll walk so purposefully around the house, like, "yeah I got this" and put him on a pair of squeaky shoes and he'll really show you what he's got! 

Talking: Jonah talks. Like a lot. What he's saying most of the time... that's between him and well him. Babble Babble Babble. He has his own language. There are a few phrases that he will say over and over, from one day to the next, and I have NO IDEA what they mean. Just the same repeated sounds. Just like he's formed a sentence. It's seriously cute!

His favorite word is "go" and if you've been around him for any length of time recently you'd know this. It usually means outside. Sometimes he says it like "gotta go" or "where'd it go" but the one thing we know is that he wants to be anywhere but where you are forcing him to be. He hasn't really learned "no" yet so "go" is also serving that purpose. Especially at diaper changes. not his favorite these days. 

He's replaced "dada" with "daddy" which still doesn't always mean Daddy. He also calls every man daddy and sometimes he also calls me daddy. He also says Mama though. Usually sounds like "mmmaammma" and means hold me or pick me up. 

He also says a lot of our family's names, mostly the ones he sees almost everyday. NaNa, Emma, Gan-da-yee (Grandaddy). He has said MeMe, Connor, and a form of Andrea. Also, Ari our dog and Gizmo, my mom's dog. 

He's not good a prompting to say a word, but will randomly repeat things we say to him. He's good at "what does the dog say?" "arf" and "what does the duck say?" "quack". He still says "catch" when playing ball. 

Play and Learning: He can play ball ALL DAY long and LOVES being outside. He loves music and singing songs. He knows some of the motions to itsy bitsy spider and patty cake. He plays well with other kids but has started to be a little aggressive with toys. He follows instructions really well, but doesn't really respond to "no, no" anymore. 

One of my favorite things he's started doing just in the past few weeks, is bringing me things like a book or his bottle, handing them to me, then reaching up his arms to sit in my lap. LOVE. 

He's figuring out new toys everyday. He can put together mega blocks, and stack like a pro, but usually prefers to throw his toys. It's difficult to explain the difference in a ball, which we encourage him to throw and catch, and other toys. 

Obviously, there's a lot more I'm leaving out, but I wanted to remember what I could because he's growing and changing SO fast! 

As always, I love this little man SO much my heart could just explode!



  1. Oh my!! These are soooo adorable!! Happy Birthday Jonah!

  2. These pictures are so adorable!

  3. Oh my, he sure is a cutie!! Adorable pictures.

  4. Your little man is such a cutie!! It's amazing how fast they grow.
    Prue x

  5. So adorable. Makes me really excited to be having a boy! Love that bowtie!

  6. Adorable pictures! And love his little bow-tie :)


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