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Christmas traditions in the making

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A few weeks ago, for my birthday (yep turned 30 December 1) I decided I wanted to make a day trip to a Christmas Tree farm and get a REAL tree this year. So, we pilled up and made the 75 mile trip to Chunky, Mississippi (yep that says Chunky).
 We visited Lazy Acres Farm and my oh so manly husband was given the job of chopping down our 8 1/2 foot tree. I chose Leeland Cypress and we are on day 20 and it's still gorgeous! This is my first adult real tree and I'm a fan. I'm thinking we will make a trip back to Lazy Acres next year and next time we'll know a little more about what we are actually doing.

and because my sister couldn't leave without a real tree for herself ;) Emma got a mini tree for her room! 

Besides the tree cutting, there were lots of cute things to do.

My husband is obsessed with goats. They are always his favorite. I think because they remind him so much of our dog.

As a result my child is fearless when it comes to animals. He's never scared to touch, pet, or just walk up to them. . . no matter how big. Kind of scary.

There was another family standing near us when we were hanging with the goats and the mother was trying to tell a 3 or 4 year old little girl not to touch them. I'm sure my husband letting the goat lick my one year old wasn't helping her argument at all.

There was also a huge playground, cows, miniature horses (that apparently bite), a turkey, a chicken, and a little train ride.

and because I feel like this is already picture overload for one day, our family pictures will be in a follow up post! We used them for our Christmas card and I'm preeettty happy how that turned out!

More tomorrow!



Do me a favor and head over to The Paper Mama and vote for my Holiday Photo! It's number 16! You'll see Jonah's handsomeness and won't be able to resist! ;)


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love going to get our tree every year!

  2. Fun post; beautiful pics. Visiting from Little Things Thursday.

  3. Such a fun birthday outing! I have never been to a tree farm. I think that would be pretty great! Love your images of the kids. :)

  4. Dear Stephanie: These pictures (and your children) are precious. As you realize, you're creating a bank of wonderful memories and rituals for your children.

    You linked up to last week's Share the Joy, so I copied the link and moved it to this week's. I usually open the linky on Wednesday by about 6 pm west coast time and most people visit the links on Thursday, if you'd like to join us next week.



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