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The Egg Bowl

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nope. Not an Egg Nog Recipe or a DIY Christmas craft.
This is what we call our annual instate rival college football game here in Mississippi.
This year we battled for the Golden Egg in Oxford and I think it was probably the coldest day of the season thus far!

We found a non-Grove little spot to tailgate close to our cars but not too far from the action. Being close to the car is good for wee ones or at least we've liked it this year during home games. 

This year we got to mix a little of Wesley's side of the family in with mine. I love it when that happens. I love seeing my nieces and nephews from each side interact. 
Patrick (wesley's sister's husband) is pretty good with the teeny tiny ones, so other than Ben (my sister's baby boy) being in the wrong colors they got along great!

 Finley just does his thing most of the time, so he was perfectly fine being an "only child" for a few hours. 
 Even though he was relieved of his big brother duties for a while, Finley still had a little copy cat named Emma. They had so much fun saying "you can't take my picture". I'm pretty sure that's what prompted the precious smiles I got in the following shots.
 Man I love this little girl who will be three in just 5 days! Wow, time has passed so quickly.
 She has been the greatest "Go Dawgs" trooper for a solid two football seasons and little brother is following right along.
I'm not sure jonah feels the same. He had a great day, then around game time he just kind of melted down. He fell and hit his head and the crowd was just a little much. So, he snuggled up and snoozed through the most terrible football game I have ever been to! Ha!

Love the dawgs. Hated this game.
Gator Bowl here we come!


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  1. Oh, my. What a beautiful family you have! :)

    My baby girl has that same polka dot hoodie. Too cute.

    ~Jacci @ woohooie


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