The Wilde Olive Blog: A side of useless fruit.


A side of useless fruit.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When we moved into our house in 2011 we thought wow we have this really big fruit tree! Some kind of lemon maybe? The previous owners had no idea - I'm pretty sure they barely saw daylight. We spent hours days weeks trying to figure out this fruit. It was small and very green in the summer months and has some super serious thorns. We finally found that it was a Hardy Orange. Well that was disappointing. It's inedible as is, way to sticky, sour and thorny. This tree produces hundreds. So, what to do? 

It is right outside Jonah's room in a row of large Crepe Myrtles  He has four windows along his outside wall. Which is great for light mostly because it faces south and never gets direct sunlight, but there is a small side street and we do have neighbors. So, it's healthy evergreen branches serve a great purpose. This is why I haven't allowed my husband to chop it down.

In the winter the fruit starts dropping - so we've made a little game out of it and let Jonah help pick them up because what boy doesn't love round fruit that he's allowed to throw? I also think it's pretty cute and they are a pretty yellow - so why not make a photo op out of it?

I'd really like to replace it with a nice sized fruit tree - that we might actually use. Peaches? Real Lemons? Ahhh I want summer to come so soon! Any suggestions for this steamy climate that gets its fair share of freezing temps in the winter?


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  1. WOW. That is a LOT of useless oranges!! :(
    LOVE the pics though!

  2. Great photos! You mean you cannot even juice them? They would be great for that but sounds like they are too bitter... Bummer. You could try another citrus tree maybe...

  3. I just love your pictures of Jonah. He always looks so adorable! And I'm not just talking about his perfect little outfits. And people say girls are more fun to dress. Boys are fun, too :)

    My parents had a bunch of apple trees growing up and I remember being so bummed that they were mostly crab apples. They were technically edible, but blah. Not so great tasting. My parents always tried to get us to pick them up for them so they could mow the lawn. It lost it's allure after a few years, but it was just my sister and me, so I'm sure it'll be different for you. Like you said, what boy doesn't like a fruit he can throw?

  4. Sorry you can't use the fruit, but they sure were great for getting some lovely shots!

  5. Beautiful photos! At least you found the good of it :)

    I have 3 apple trees in my backyard and they are baking apples... Not eating apples.. I feel your pain! :)


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