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Fifteen Months

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last Saturday, January 19th Jonah turned 15 months old. I took a ton of pictures of him. It was a beautiful day. I try to take some on his monthly birthday and I love when they fall on weekends! Because it's usually dark when we get home at night, we can't get great photos during the week. Oh Daylight savings hurry back. I miss you!

Today, I wasn't sure what to write besides the usual update, so I went back to look at a year ago. I can do that now, because my tiny little boy is in his second year of life. what? WHAT?

What I found was a "Dear Jonah" which I don't do too much of anymore. bad mommy. Here are some excerpts from that post (you can see the whole post here):

 You are such a joy. Your little spirit just shines. I see it in your eyes and your unbelievably sweet smile. Your recognition of my face is the most rewarded I have ever felt. Still, I feel the need to slow down and just adore you... I put you down in your crib and attempted to go to my own room and sleep. Without you right next to me it is honestly hard to sleep. Midnight came, but sleep did not. I kept checking the monitor and watched for your breath. After your late night bottle, you spent the rest of the night in your cradle next to my bed where you belong – for now.
I think back often to the day you were born, because I want to remember every detail. I remember most you crying and crying when you came into the world. It was so comforting to hear your cry and heartbreaking that I couldn't quite comfort you. I can remember the way your skin felt when they laid you on my chest, but many of the memories have faded and are a little blurry now. However, I distinctly remember how I missed you when they took you out of our room for this or that. I was usually very close to tears by the time they brought you back. I feel that way even now some days."
Jonah 3 Months Jan 19, 2012
It's still true every bit of it. Sometimes I want him next to me and lately that usually happens at some point during the night even though I resist it. He's so happy when he wakes up next to mommy or daddy. Wednesday morning, after moving him into our room during the night mostly because of sinus congestion (funny how he can sleep through it IF he's in our bed) he immediately asked me "where's daddeee?" I love his sweet little morning voice.
Jonah 15 months Jan. 19, 2013
 He thinks he's so clever when I get him out of bed. He immediately reeeaaches toward the kitchen for milk or some breakfast trying to desperately to avoid having to get a clean diaper. I usually give in and let him stay in his wet diaper a little longer so I don't have to start the day with tears. . . I've seen daddy do the same thing. We're suckers.

He's been eating like crazy the last month or so and sure enough he'd gained almost a pound since his last sick visit in December. I'm almost sure he's about to hit a spurt in height too.

At 15 Months Jonah is:

2 feet 6 inches tall!
22 pounds
49 cm in head circumference

12-18m clothing 

size 4 shoe

has 7 teeth

and is

All Boy!

at fifteen months jonah is...

running (too fast)
dancing (spontaneously)
giving kisses
talking up a storm 
(we can only understand about 20% of what he's saying)

at fifteen months jonah is obsessed with...
cereal bars
his blankets 
(crocheted one from my aunt and the fleece monogrammed one with circles given to us at a shower)
tantrums (when he does not get to go outside)
Ari dog
feeding Ari and Gizmo
cousin benjamin (seriously - I need to do a whole post about this)

I love him so much and again wish I could just freeze time. My mommy heart can hardly take it all in!



  1. Great photos. Jonah is so adorable! I agree. I wish I could freeze time as well.

  2. I would be kissin' those lips all the time! His little outfit is adorable. I love thinking back to those little things. :)

  3. he's beautiful! and those eyes! :) my babies are 18, 17 & 14.... and 6'2", 6'1ish" and 5'9" and growing. just wait. it flies by in a heartbeat. keep taking all those photos and documenting away; you'll never regret it.

    thank you for sharing at 1440! (love your blog design, too!)

  4. Such a gorgeous boy! And yes just what Patty said, my oldest will be 18 in a few months and my youngest is 15 and I can't keep him in shoes (that never ends, lol). I had found a notebook that I started writing the cute things that happened during the day and then I guess I just stopped. But those pages in that notebook are think you'll never forget those things, but I have forgotten so much.

  5. He kills me how precious he is! I love his little sweater and hat, and those eyes! I love reading your posts about him and I know I've said it before but I see such similarities between him and Landon. Thankful to be in instavotion with you! If only we could have playdates! :)

  6. Such a cutie! Love your photography Stephanie...would love to have you pop by simple things sunday some time and link up! :)


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