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Jonah's First {Real} Christmas Morning

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jonah is only 14 months, meaning he was just two little itty bitty months old last year. So, this Christmas is more like his first time experiencing the tree, the lights, the gifts, the music. Not that he'll remember this year when he's older, but I'll have pictures and I hope he thinks it's special.

I didn't want to go all out on gifts for him. Everyone else in his life spoils him and you can take what I got him and quadruple it and you'll have what everybody else got him. I have toys coming out my ears!

I did want to have one of those big moments where he realizes that whoa something in here is different. A few months ago I noticed him noticing the changes I'd made to the house like the red table cloth I put in the kitchen one night after he went to bed. The next morning he pointed right at it and mumbled something in his own language. The same happened when my mom hung christmas balls from the chandelier in her kitchen.

So I decided on a tunnel. He's played in one before but never here.

 It probably would have been a bigger wow if he'd finished his fruit bar before we wandered into the living room. He did however LOVE this little racer. He knew exactly what to do with it, which honestly kind of surprised me.

He kept making this ooo face and practicing his car noises.
I love him so much.

I'd orderd some clothes on zulily that came in a couple weeks before christmas, so I decided to wrap those along with a new outfit from Target. I couldn't pass up these sea-foam green pants for early spring!

The big box had a Noah's ARK Wooden Toy in it. He also got new pjs, a trainer cup, and some forks and spoons.

I'm really amazed at how good this kid is at unwrapping.

It was such a good day despite Wesley trying to recover from the stomach flu.

I bought Wesley and I matching mugs and he bought me some tile for my kitchen island that has the ugliest marble ever made on top of it. So hopefully I'll get a nice before and after of that project soon!

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  1. So glad you guys had a nice Christmas morning together! Happy New Year!


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