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Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2012

Monday, January 7, 2013

This post is so hard to start. I've been thinking about it on and off over the past few days. I suppose I could just follow the prompts and let the photos tell the story, but after going back and reading my Memories, Dreams, and Reflections of 2011, I knew I couldn't just do that. So, here's my 2012 story.

Two thousand eleven was such a significant year, I honestly think I needed a year to recover. Life, as it often does, had different plans for me. While I don't know if I'm fully recovered, I have settled in to this new life and it's pretty good. I think that any new mom will tell you that it wasn't exactly what they expected it would be and I'm no different. I knew there'd be so much joy, but I didn't know how much. I knew there'd be rough patches, but rough doesn't describe the challenges of caring for an infant. I knew I'd never regret my decision to have a baby and that still rings true. I am happier today because I have my Jonah. 

Me and a little part of me. New Years Day 2012 - Jonah at just under 11 weeks old.
I think my new mommy brain didn't subside until well into the summer months of 2012. If I didn't have this blog, or some kind of record, I am not sure what I'd remember from the first part of the year. It started with an unexpected gallbladder surgery (exactly a year ago yesterday) which slowed down my healing and return to normalcy. Looking back, I am still so incredibly grateful for my husband and family. They deserve much more thanks than I have to give.

Don't EVER Change - I so want my baby to stay a baby forever. Jonah at four months old.
I remember how I struggled through those first few months of going back to work. I missed Jonah like crazy and needed more time to just be a mother. After a while those feelings lightened. . . some. 

I was Inspired & Spring Fever (Jonah in my favorite outfit on the right)
I attempted to make the most of all of Jonah's firsts, holidays, milestones, events, recording each of them with my camera and sometimes an accompanying story. 

I was so happy to see spring roll around. We welcomed two new nephews in March and April. So close in age to Jonah he's surely to have best friends for life. I love the changes that spring brings. Even after such a mild winter, everything still feels renewed. The late afternoon light is inspiring and the wardrobe opportunities are nothing short of cute! Jon Jons and rompers galore in my house. Dresses and sandals and a fresh outlook on life. 
Dress Up - Easter 2012
All Smiles Mother's Day 2012
Just Because - I love that smile
My Favorite
As Jonah grows and changes my favorite age changes, but looking back over the past year, I have to say that between four and eight months (Feb - July) were my favorite with Jonah. He was so happy all the time. We became those parents that just brought kid along wherever we went. It was fine and so was he. He was happy to just sit and play or be carried around. He'd pretty much go to anyone and as long as his belly was full, he was pretty content. 

Home - Jonah in his nursery at 6 months old
A Day in My Life - mornings were full of baby antics on the bed and evenings full of discovering new foods
I couldn't wait to experience Summer in 2012. I was so looking forward to weekends in the sun, maybe I'd take off work a little and just enjoy the Mississippi heat! We took a few trips to Yogi and had backyard baby pool time a time or two. Jonah LOVES the water. We took every opportunity available on a small budget and not much vacation time. I hope Summer 2013 brings a little more flexibility, but I'll take what I can get. 

Summer Days
By the time summer was winding down, we finally made it to the beach. Hurricane somebody tried to stop us in early September, but I wasn't about to let another year go by without going back to one of my favorite places. The spot where Wesley and I were married in 2008. Wow four years went by without stepping back on that sand. I'm so happy 2012 brought us this opportunity to go back. It was a simple trip, but oh so VERY HOT!

I loved watching Jonah love the beach and ocean as much as I do. Fearless this kid is. I miss this place we used to visit so often.
I Miss You- The Beach, Lets Do It Again - Soon, and Vacation - Let's start planning it now
Labor Day weekend while we were at the beach, football season officially kicked off. Our Bulldogs started off with a great season, only to end it on a disappointing note. Another goal of 2012 was to go to more games. Make the most of what we could do. Be a part of the spirit and frenzy, so that Fall doesn't just pass us by. Jonah got to go into his first game to cheer on the dawgs from the stands. He slept through a lot of the action but I think he picked up a few moves. He is quite the active ball player and has a really good arm. Future quarterback? Maybe we should put him in next season (insert Tyler Russell joke here). 

I (still) Love You Bulldogs
Beautiful - those beautiful eyes. I'm so glad they stayed blue. Nine Months Old in Daddy's overalls
Between nine and ten months, Jonah wasn't the happiest baby. What happened to my beautiful, bright eyed, content, silly, giggly, happy go lucky baby? He was sick a few times and got a stomach bug that was hard to recover from. After a couple visits to the doctor and their suggestions I realized Mama really does know best and I made the decision to take him off dairy. It worked and we had our happy boy again (and a lot less mess). Twenty twelve did bring a new confidence in me as a mother. I know my child inside and out. 

Friends - Jonah and Emma on his 10 Month Birthday - She's Two and Three Quarters here.
 Even though it didn't feel like it, Fall was upon us and it was time to start planning for our boy to turn one. We bought the pumpkins and the party planning began! I wanted his first birthday to be something really special and it was. Mostly, because he is special and he is loved by so many people. 

Autumn Harvest

Birthday - Jonah turns one.
  And then it actually happened, a whole year passed since he came into our lives. Suddenly, he really wasn't a baby anymore... he is a full grown toddler. He started walking at about 10 1/2 months but by his birthday he was nearly running. Now, I catch myself saying "slow down" more than "come on, you can do it". There is seriously no stopping him now!

After his birthday, the holidays came on so fast. Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas was here and I didn't even blink.


Hopes and Dreams

My hopes and dreams for 2013?

To have no expectations and then exceed them.

Meaning, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to reach the unreachable.

I want to seek understanding of the path I should be on instead of what my idea of what life at thirty should look like.

I want to seek the wonderful in the unexpected, the every day, and the struggles. I want many things for my family and myself, but I want to truly seek God's plan is for us this year.


This post is my contribution to Memories, Dreams, and Reflections hosted by the lovely Ashley Sisk. I've really enjoyed being a part of this link up the past couple of years and hope you'll be inspired to do the same. Reflecting on my year and reading last year's post have given me beautiful insight into why I write this blog


  1. That was beautifully written. What a great tribute to 2012! You are a fantastic writer, photographer, and mama. You are a blessed woman! Here's to 2013, may it be wonderful!

    (and that bowtie on Jonah!!! AAKK!! He's such a little charmer!)


  2. Beautiful post! It's hard to believe they grow so much in so little time. He is adorable and seems like you guys have a nice little life there. I adore that image of you guys on the beach with your wedding pic. Then all the Jonah images are just so cute. I can't get enough! :)

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I love it!


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