The Wilde Olive Blog: Oh the January Birthdays


Oh the January Birthdays

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Attention friends and family.
Do not have a child in Winter/Early Spring.
I repeat no more children this time of year. thank you.

Seriously, I love birthday parties - especially for those little ones I love so much!
The past two weekends, we've attended three parties.

First up was Clark - our nephew - Firetruck and bounce houses were on the agenda and it was so much fun!

Most of all, Clark got to be the celebrated one!

Right after Clark's party we headed out to our friend Maddy's Minnie Mouse Party! Maddy turned TWO and Jonah lovved playing with Emma and Baker in the girliest room I've ever seen! =)

This past Sunday, we celebrated my nephew Finley's Birthday at Sal and Mookie's a local pizza/ice cream place. It was super rainy and yucky outside. He insisted this is wear he wanted his party and it was really yummy but really crowded with a bunch of 6 year olds! It was really fun though and we mostly sat back and observed. I played with Jonah and the little girls. I also got MAJOR points for just putting a little cash in an envelop for a present! Score Aunt Stephanie!

I think we are done for this month! We'll see what February brings in the birthday department. Wesley's dad, another nephew, my sister... whew!


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