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Saying Goodbye to the Paci

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We chose the Binky pacifier when Jonah was BFing because of the length. A nurse at the hospital newborn clinic told me to try those because they would help with any latching problems. So, we did and who knows if it helped or not. 

Fast forward a year and he's getting teeth at a rapid rate. Jonah now has nine teeth including his first molars and this has all happened since the first ones peeked through right before his first birthday. He used his pacifier as comfort for teething, sickness and basically a chew toy. At Jonah's 15 Month check up, our pediatrician told me (again) that we needed to get rid of the pacifier. This particular pacifier, along with a few other brands, are so long and round that his top teeth are being pushed forward, kind of like what happens with thumb suckers. So, to prevent as many orthodontia bills as possible, I forged forward with weaning him.

I was scared. He LOVED that thing. He would have it all the time if we let him. 

So, how did we do it?

For a little less than a week after that appointment we were really strict about him only having it at nap and bedtime. When he sees it, he wants it. He even would ask to be picked up so that he could lead you around searching for it on the counter tops. Mommy and Daddy are not as smart as they think they are. =) One night I even put it in the cabinet where we keep his plates and snacks - he remembered. Little stinker!

Last weekend I decided that it was now or never kind of thing. We were going to have to go cold turkey. At 15 months he's not really able to understand any fabricated fairy tales about the dog eating it or other babies needing it, so he just had to go with it doesn't exist and pray for out of sight, out of mind. 

Last Sunday, I took on a nap time that was filled with tears and fighting. Daddy came in and put him down. He woke up 15 minutes later. Screaming. So, Wesley gave in and gave it back to him. grrr.

Tuesday night, I wanted to try again. I rocked and he settle, but he wouldn't let me put him down. I gave him over to my husband. Wesley was convinced that he couldn't sleep without it and between us debating - it was too late - he wound up with it for bedtime. fail. 

Then Wednesday night, Wesley put him down without it and he didn't wake up until about 4:20AM. We went for the rest of the week without it. This led to middle of the night wake ups every night and him getting in our bed. Lots of crying but eventual settling and maybe even a little snuggling.

To be fair he was getting in our bed almost every night WITH the pacifier. So, this wasn't really a big deal, it just took him a little longer to get back to sleep. 

Now, we've been almost a whole week without it. It's been pretty good. He's sleeping through the night even if it takes him a little longer to settle and we've only had one major incident when he found one under his bed. MAJOR tantrum that just broke my heart.

So just to commemorate the occasion, I thought I'd post a few shots of paci Jonah. I didn't realize it be so hard for me. It's kind of like just one more of those little baby things has been taken away. More sad for Mama than for Jonah. 



  1. So so cute! Makes me miss my babies!

  2. Those are the cutest! I love the one outside with the blue blanket. That chubby arm! Adorable.

  3. Ah. The binkie. We ended up doing the cold turkey route with little man. Tears for a couple days and then he seemed fine. Much easier than my daughter who was attached to her fingers. :/ Oh... the joys of parenting. Love the pics. So sweet. ;)

  4. Oh he is precious! We did the cold turkey thing with our son too. He handled well at the time. My oldest daughter on the other hand, she still sometimes asks about the paci she "lost" and she is 7 now! :)

  5. Oh, he's a big boy now! What a precious child. Great shot!

  6. I love all of these photos. I really dread taking Jackson's binky away. He is SO attached to it.

  7. Happy Wordless Wednesday.
    Visit from
    Hope to see you around.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  8. Love all of the photos! And, good for you for sticking to it. Saved you loads on a future orthodontics bill!

  9. (Hiding my face) my son is 3 and still uses his pass at bedtime. We went cold turkey with his sisters around 1 and 14 months so I'm not sure why we're allowing him to keep it. He doesn't use it at naps at school or when he spends the night with family so I know he CAN sleep without it. It's just the matter of us taking it. When're we actually going to force the issue? No clue.


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