The Wilde Olive Blog: The Last of the January Birthdays!


The Last of the January Birthdays!

Friday, February 1, 2013

This little dude is our friend Asher. He belongs to my friends that date back to.. well they are those friends you've known forever and you can't exactly remember when you met and became friends. 

His birthday was actually yesterday, but we celebrated at the firehouse and the park last Saturday. I love these firetruck birthdays. It's just so exciting still as an adult to get to check out those big red trucks!

Jonah wasn't too sure at first being in the garage with all those big machines, but his silly cousin is always good and getting his goose and he'll do just about whatever she does.

After the tour and some education from the firemen, we headed over to the city park where jessica and her mom had done such a cute job of decorating the pavilion. The firetruck cups were a BIG hit and my child drank more lemonade than I thin his little body can hold. He LOVED that stuff!

Happy Birthday Asher!

Just so happens that Asher's mom Jessica has a birthday just a couple of days before asher. So friday night for her 30th we went to Ruth's Chris and had SUCH a good time!

There were boys there too =)


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  1. Visiting from Serendipity is Sweet. My son loves all things fire trucks so these images made me smile! I love that knit cap with the fire truck on it too!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This kills me with the cuteness. Gotta love the firehouse birthday. It makes me a little sad that my son is now too old to continue this. We at least were able to do it a few times while he was little. Now he's leaving me & pulling shifts over there- learning the ropes. How time flies.

  3. So much wonderfulness here and what an amazing birthday treat



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