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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A couple weeks ago we spent the day in Starkville to celebrate this little dude's 10th birthday. He's kind of my mile marker for how long I've been a part of this family of Clarks. He was actually just about Jonah's age when I met Wesley. I remember him toddling into the deli to see his mom or uncle Wesley at work. He had the cutest little ringlets and now just look at him. Ten years old and declaring himself a preteen. 

He's also had a really long relationship with my camera. At ten years old, he's as stubborn as ever. He told me this is my new smile. 
and then he cracked.

He's also the only cousin whose name Jonah can consistently say or repeat when asked. He even recognizes his photo. I guess because mostly when he sees him MeMe is there and he gets to eat things like cake and ice cream. spoiled.


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