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Easy T-Shirt Applique personalized for your little one.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This was super easy. My sister showed me a similar idea a few months ago on Pinterest (of course) and I put my little spin on it and thought I'd share here with you.

Here's what you'll need:

So you have your t-shirt, now pick the right size for your applique. I tried a couple of different bowls from the kitchen because I can't draw a circle obviously. I found that for the tshirt our everyday bowls were just the right size. The bigger it is the easier to sew for me!

Trace your circle onto the heat n bond and cut it out. I like to preserve as much heat n bond as possible so I scoot all the way to the edge.

Trace your letter in the middle of your circle and cut out the middle.
I just opened up Photoshop (you could use Word or any program with a variety of fonts) typed a big "J" then scrolled through my fonts until I found a "J" I liked. Put your circle to the screen and trace your letter.
There are two ways you can do this: one flip your letter on your screen and trace it backwards on the smooth side of the heat n bond OR two lightly trace on the rough side. I chose two because I honestly didn't think of one. I put my circle right up to the screen and traced - so easy - then I turned it over and made a more solid line on the smooth side. Then, I cut out the J.

Iron your cut out circle and letter to your fabric. Make sure if you fabric has two sides you are ironing to the back (usually whitish side). Follow the instructions on your heat n bond.

Cut fabric around the heat n bond.
Because I want a bit of a shaggy edge, I leave about 1/4 inch between the heat n bond and where I cut. Once it's cut out I go ahead and fray the fabric a little on the edges (just to get it going).

The C looks a little wonky because I've just hand frayed some of it, but will look more uniform (but shlubby) once washed.

Using the Heat N Bond instructions iron on your applique to your shirt!

Sew around the edges.
I use a straight stitch and do the best I can! I want there to be a little room for fraying but I want to make sure I'm close enough to the edge it doesn't start to peel off.

NOTE: If you don't want to sew use the Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive. I wouldn't suggest fraying with this method. Also, make sure you look at whatever bonding material you use and do not try to sew through no sew bonding! not pretty. 

This is a fun quick project that takes just a tshirt to something personal and creative. I hope you'll try. Please excuse the terrible quality photos (they were all taken with my cell phone indoors at night). Next time I'll use the big girl camera!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! My friend just helped me do some sewing stuff up on my blog too (I'm hopeless at it!) Anyway, found you through the blog party and following you through twitter now! Hope you'll stop by my page!


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